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Logitech Circle View snips Android support to focus on HomeKit and privacy

Logitech is saying adios to Android with its latest smart security camera, the Circle View, which was announced today offering exclusive support for Apple HomeKit. That’s a stark change of direction from the company’s previous camera. The decision certainly draws our curiosities, more so when the camera also receives a significant makeover as well.

Now, in order to use the Logitech Circle View, you’ll need to use a Mac or iOS device. There won’t be Android support with this model, which might have to do with the camera’s privacy features. You’ll receive typical notifications for movement, stream video in real time, and clips can be stored in iCloud — just as long as you have a plan with enough storage.

Gone is the modular design approach of the Circle 2, replaced by a more grounded design. Specs-wise, it’s pretty much in the same boat as many of its peers, featuring 1080p recording with its 180-degree field of view, night vision, cloud storage, and two-way audio. What’s notably absent, however, is the lack of support for 5GHz Wi-Fi — so it’s only 2.4GHz, unlike its predecessor.

Another aspect is that the Circle View is designed to be stationary, whereas the Circle 2 leveraged an assortment of accessories that allowed it to stick to windows, wall outlets, and even become battery powered. The Circle View doesn’t offer any of that, so it’s meant to sit on flat surfaces or wall-mounted. Luckily, it can still be used as an outdoor camera because of its IP64 waterproof rating.

Speaking of privacy, the Circle View takes it more seriously than others — and that’s always a good thing! Specifically, there’s a button on the back of the camera that immediately cuts power to the camera and microphone, similar to other electronic privacy shutters in other cameras, like the Google Nest Cam Indoor. For those paranoid that someone may be watching, it’s a way to ensure your protected. If that’s not enough, you can also manually tilt the camera to face downward. While this offers peace of mind, it would’ve been better if it could be done electronically seeing that people are forgetful as they’re rushing out of the home.

If you’re an Apple user and intrigued by it, the Logitech Circle View is a prime choice at $160. You can order it right now through Apple and Logitech directly.

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