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Get double the length at half the cost on these smart LED strip lights today

Govee smart LED light strips on floor.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

When shopping for smart LED light strips, you should pay extra attention to how much length you’ll have to work with, because the last thing you want is to realize you’re coming up short on decorating whatever it is you intend on adorning with an LED light strip.

That’s why you really need to know about this deal on Govee’s smart LED strip lights. While most LED strip lights are on average of 30 feet in length, Govee’s model is nearly double at an astounding 65 feet. If you’ve ever tried decorating a piece of furniture, say like your home office desk, you know how much coverage is needed to cover corners and edges properly. Best of all, this Black Friday deal brings down the cost to $25 — which is unbelievable given how most 30-foot options cost around the same.

We’ve detailed how Govee’s lights are affordable, making them perfect gifts for just about any occasion — as well as stocking stuffers! However, you’re getting incredible value because not only does this model offer support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but it also doesn’t require a separate bridge to connect with your home’s Wi-Fi network. That’s because Wi-Fi connectivity is already built-in, which means less clutter for your home.

With so much length to work with, you’ll have just enough to cover large spaces along your walls and even the biggest pieces of furniture. You could even fasten Govee’s 65-feet smart LED strip lights to your favorite television set for more ambiance in the living room. Seriously, there’s nothing like seeing your TV glowing on the wall! In addition, there are also plenty of dazzling color effects to choose from to really set the mood — while scheduling options can be set to automatically have it turned on/off.

The 65-foot Govee smart LED light strips are on sale right now through Amazon with a coupon that brings the price down from its normal $40 cost to $25. Need more options? Check out some of the other Black Friday deals happening today.

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