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Nanoleaf and Secretlab team on a new smart light strip

Nanoleaf has recently announced a partnership with Secretlab to release the new MAGRGB diffused LED strip. This LED strip was specifically made for Secretlab’s Magnus metal gaming desk. With this new lighting and desk, you’ll elevate your gaming to the next level.

Those unfamiliar with the Magnus metal desk will be impressed by its features. First, its build quality is above that of most desks, including all the wooden desks popularized by IKEA. It also was made with cable management in mind, thanks to the back compartment of the desk. You can have it flush against your wall and still have all your cables meticulously managed at the back of the desk.

A side view of the back of the MAGNUS desk with the MAGRGB lit inside.

The MAGRGB from Nanoleaf fits the desk perfectly by connecting to it with magnets. It also has over 120 individually customizable LEDs supporting over 16 million colors. It comes with a remote to change the strip to four different custom theme presets or seven custom colors. There are also custom lighting scenes embedded for gamers to show support for esports teams like Team Liquid, Cloud 9, and more. The MAGRGB also supports custom scenes and can be scheduled to automatically turn on or off, or set to custom colors.

To integrate with your smart home ecosystem, you can connect the MAGRGB to Google Assistant or Apple Homekit. Connecting to a smart home ecosystem allows you to control the strip with your voice or through the respective apps. Connecting with your smart home also allows for the MAGRGB to be set up in other automations. You can also use the Nanoleaf app to connect the strip to other Nanoleaf lighting products, such as the Shapes panels or the Lines light bar.

Secretlab already has a few other accessories that connect to its MAGNUS metal desk, and this collaboration with Nanoleaf adds the MAGRGB to that lineup. The MAGRGB is now available on the Secretlab website for $79.

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