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Yale’s newest smart lock is designed for renters

The Yale Approach installed on a door.

Yale — the company responsible for the well-reviewed Assure Lock 2 — has just launched its first retrofit smart lock built specifically for renters. The Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi is an interior-only smart lock that fits on top of most standard deadbolts, allowing renters to bring a bit of smart functionality to their home without the need to replace the underlying hardware.

Installing the Yale Approach should take just 10 minutes and doesn’t require much more than a screwdriver. And since it doesn’t require a new set of keys or lock swap, there’s a good chance it’ll be supported by most landlords. Along with an easy installation process, the Yale Approach uses features like Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock to let folks easily enter their home and secure it when they leave.

The Yale Approach is launching alongside the Yale Keypad, which is a wireless accessory that pairs with the Approach (or other compatible smart locks) so users can access the door with a personalized code.

The Yale Approach and Keypad on a white background.

That means if people want to use the Yale Approach as a traditional smart lock — that is, one that lets you set and input passcodes for entry — you’ll need to pick up the bundle that includes both the Approach and Keypad. On its own, the Approach doesn’t include a keypad for passcode entry, limiting its use to the Yale smartphone app.

Despite working as a retrofit for existing deadbolts, the Yale Approach offers pretty much all the same functionality as regular smart locks. This includes the ability to monitor the lock status remotely and sync with smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, and Samsung SmartThings. Matter support is also promised in the future. The lock will be available in black suede or silver and offers a streamlined profile that sits less than two inches off the door.

While it’s unfortunate that the Approach doesn’t come with its own keypad, Yale is offering the Approach and Keypad as a bundle for $180. If you don’t want the Keypad and can live with limited access to the Approach via the Yale smartphone app, you can get just the Approach for $130. A standalone Keypad is also available for $70. Yale is hoping to launch a fingerprint-enabled version of the Keypad later this year that allows you to open the door with nothing more than a tap of your finger.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 is one of our favorite smart locks, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Yale Approach lives up to the high expectations set by its older sibling. If you’re looking for alternatives, be sure to check out our list of the best smart locks.

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