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Should you buy a robot vacuum on Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday weekend is one of the most popular times to think about buying some new technology — like a smart device to help out around your home. If you’re thinking about getting a robot vacuum, you’re not alone: These small vacuums, available at a wide range of prices, are designed to follow cleaning schedules for the floors around your home, keeping them tidy so you don’t have to sweep or vacuum as much. Let’s check out why the best Black Friday deals are when the savviest shoppers can pick up one of these robo vacs!

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Black Friday is the best time to buy a robot vacuum

A Roomba vacuum in a living room station.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Black Friday through Cyber Monday are traditionally great days to get deals on electronics, especially more expensive devices that aren’t as affordable at other times of the year. If you want a robo vac that features the latest sensors and tracking technology, Black Friday robot vacuum deals are the way to get one without paying over $1,000. If you’re content with more basic features, you can still save big on more affordable models.

If you take a look at our links above you can see that even now we are starting to see deals from $50 to $300 off robot vacuum models, and by the time Black Friday hits, the discounts will be much higher. Popular sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and many others are great places to search for these days — although acting fast will be important as Black Friday inventories are often limited.

In fact, robot vacuums are a particularly good Black Friday target because they don’t really fall into many other common discount periods. While larger appliances may have specific times in spring or fall where they tend to go on sale, robo vacs are often passed by during these sales, making Black Friday one of the best times of the year to purchase them.

Why buy a robot vacuum?


Robot vacs are useful house accessories that help keep both carpet and bare floors clean — some even include mopping capabilities! They aren’t a total replacement for traditional cleaning, but they do cut down on the frequency and help address everything from sudden messes to dust bunnies. Here are a few reasons they can be an excellent smart home addition:

  • Smart sensors: Few robot vacs require you to set up physical barriers anymore. They use intelligent sensors that can navigate furniture legs, watch for clearance issues under a sofa, and map a whole room so they can choose the best path for a thorough cleaning. Many can even sense when they switch to carpet or rugs and automatically adjust height or suction to compensate.
  • Side brushes and corner power: Robo vacs are typically designed with shapes that can easily navigate corners and come up close to walls so they don’t miss anything. You can also equip many of them with side brushes to help keep baseboards clean.
  • Excellent app controls: Today’s robot vacuums offer excellent apps with in-depth options. Features can include anything from setting the pattern the vacuum follows around a room to summoning the bot for a spot cleanup in case of a sudden spill — and that’s in addition to scheduling options.
  • Independence: More advanced robot vacuums are also smart enough to head back to their charging stations when their batteries run low, which means you don’t have to worry about any downtime. Some can also automatically empty their little onboard bins into their larger station bins when they get full, making them much more hands-off than early models.

Are there other robot vac brands beyond Roombas?

Eufy 11s robovac on a carpet near a sleeping child.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You can certainly find some Black Friday Roomba deals, but you also have options! While iRobot’s vacuum line is often synonymous with robot vacuums, they are far from the only brand you’ll find on sale on Black Friday. Other brands are actually a great way to save money while still getting all the important robo vac features you want. When you’re contemplating how to choose a robot vacuum, be sure to explore alternative brands like Eufy, Neato, Roborock, and even Samsung, which are perennial choices for some of the best robot vacuums. As always, it’s a good idea to scout preferred models ahead of Black Friday and create wishlists or alerts so you’ll be ready to snap up the best deals.

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