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Govee jumps on the Matter bandwagon with new LED Strip Light

Govee is responsible for many of the best smart lights on the market, and today the company revealed its first-ever Matter product — the LED Strip Light M1. Now available for $60, the LED Strip Light M1 is hoping to bring a bit more versatility to Matter, which continues to gain momentum throughout 2023.

Apple HomeKit users should be particularly excited about the LED Strip Light M1, as its support for Matter also means it’ll play nicely with Apple’s smart home ecosystem (which is another first for Govee). The lights are just as robust as you’d expect for a product from Govee, offering 60 light beads per meter, up to 50 adjustable points per meter, more than 64 Light Modes to customize their performance, and the ability to purchase an extension kit if you need more than the included 6.54 feet.

The packaging for the Govee Matter lights on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s even a unique DreamView feature that lets the Light Strip M1 quickly sync with other Govee smart lights in your home and adopt their lighting effects. And, as expected, it’s based on RGBIC+ technology, allowing you to access more than 16 million colors.

Of course, the LED Strip Light M1 will also work with the Govee smartphone app — so if you don’t want to muck about with Matter or smart home ecosystems, you can still use these as a standalone device.

Govee seems to be making a big push for Matter, as this won’t be the only Matter-compatible product launching in 2023. Later this year you can expect to see the Neon Rope Light for Desks gain Matter support. Beyond that, the company says it will “continue working with Matter to provide users with the best product experience possible.”

The LED Strip Light M1 is now available on the official Govee website and on Amazon.

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