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TP Link launches budget-friendly smart light strips

TP-Link, a company known for producing affordable smart home gadgets, has announced a new lineup of smart LED light strips and light bulbs. This includes the Tapo L900, Tapo L920, Tapo L930, and Tapo L530E. Pricing for the products ranges from $25 to $50, making these some of the most affordable lighting options on the market.

The Tapo L930 is considered the flagship LED strip of the family, offering advanced features such as music sync mode, 16 million colors, up to 1000 lumens of white light, and an IP44 waterproof rating. You can also set up a personalized lighting schedule using the accompanying smartphone app. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit are all supported by the L930. A 16.4-foot roll costs $50, making it a cheap way to get surprisingly versatile smart lights into your home.

TP-Link LED light strip installed in a modern home.

The Tapo L920 and L900 are listed for $40 and $25, respectively, offering much of the same functionality as their more expensive sibling but with fewer features. The Tapo L900, for example, only allows you to have one color per strip instead of 50 selectable zones. But if you need to light up your space on a budget, they’re worth a closer look.

Rounding out the announcements are the Tapo L530E smart light bulbs. These multicolored, LED smart bulbs let you select from millions of colors and produce up to 806 lumens of white light brightness. Once you’ve found a few colors you like, you can use the smartphone app to turn them into presets for easy access. You can find a two-pack on sale for $25.

TP-Link lights glowing pink behind a computer monitor.

TP-Link has positioned all four products as wallet-friendly options. However, there are other cheap smart lights that should also be on your shopping list. This includes the Wyze Bulb and Govee LED Strip Lights. And before you take out your wallet, be sure to peruse our roundup of the best smart light bulbs and best light strips for a comprehensive look at everything available.

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