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The best LED light strips

LED light strips are a very popular and creative way to experiment with light design. They are used for indirect lighting applications that help enhance your décor while also providing additional lighting wherever it is needed. Given their attractiveness, it comes as no surprise that LED light strips have become incredibly versatile to accommodate the many needs of consumers. Some strips are flexible while others are rigid, so you can choose the most appropriate for the surface you are looking to light. Some models can be waterproof, to allow for outdoors use and keep your light strip protected from moisture in places such as bathrooms or aquariums. Linear LED light strips are also more structured than the modular versions, which are able to turn corners and may be better suited to take the shapes of different surfaces.

From bedrooms to patios and even your shoes, these cost-efficient light strips are so adaptable that they can be used to create a mood just about anywhere you like. And don’t even get us started on the color options. You can choose between white, multicolored and everything in between. Plus, you can also adjust the intensity and warmth of some LED light strips for extra personalization. Additionally, many LED light strips now have some pretty modern features that allow you to easily control your lights with Alexa or your phone.

Because there are so many LED light strip options available for you to choose from, we have taken on the task of researching and finding the best models for your different needs. If entertaining is your thing, you may be happy to see that some of the items on our list can easily sync to music. For those looking to create ambiance in your home, we have included lights that can be programmed to turn on when you wake up and automatically adjust at different times of the day. And, of course, we have also included basic models to simply get the job done, as well as motion activated lights and even lights to customize your vehicle. Everyone can find a use for LED light strips and we want to help you find the best of the best for your project.

At a glance

Nexlus LED Strip Lights

The Nexlus LED Strip Lights offer 32.8 feet of flexible RGB lighting that is also waterproof. These Wi-Fi wireless strips can be controlled from your smart phone and are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. But if you prefer voice control, these lights are also perfect because they pair with your Alexa or Google home and allow you to turn lights on and off, change colors, or adjust the level of brightness with a simple voice command.

And when it’s celebration time, the Nexlus LED Strip Lights are there to have fun with you and your guests! These party essentials can transform your space into a colorful night club or a romantic lounge, depending on the occasion. But wait, there’s more. You can even sync your lights to the music of your choice, for a complete dancing experience that is sure to get the fun going and that will create a memorable experience for you and your friends.

The Nexlus LED Strip Lights seamlessly adjust to your lifestyle by allowing you to set a timer for the lights to automatically turn on and off at your desired times. They also ofer a feature for you to program the lights to adjust the ambiance and quality of the lights depending on the time of day. All of these features make Nexlus the best premium lights on our list, due to their level of customization and connectivity with smart devices that make your life easier.

LE Cool White LED Strip

If you are looking for basic LED light strips that provide flexibility and that are easy to use in your DIY projects, then look no further. The LE Cool White LED Strip is inexpensive and safe to handle. It can be easily cut every 3 LEDs for maximum adaptability. These strips also emit extremely low heat levels, which makes them perfect for homes with children or pets and ideal for home lighting projects that may require moving lights around and testing in different locations.

You can easily add a touch of long-lasting daylight white to any room with these lights, which have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. They do not require any batteries, are not made with lead or mercury, and have no UV or IR radiation for maximum convenience and peace of mind.

The LE Cool White LED Strip is the best budget LED light strip due to its low price and the amount of light that they deliver at an affordable cost. It does require a power adaptor, which is not included and must be purchased separately. It is also important to note that these lights are not waterproof, so please bear that in mind when deciding on where to install them.

Pangton Villa USB LED TV Backlight Kit

This LED light kit is specifically designed with your TV in mind. Backlighting for your TV is one of the most common uses of LED light strips. For this reason, it is very convenient to be able to purchase a kit that has been especially created to enhance your TV-watching experience at home.

One of the best features of this easy-to-use kit is that it can be operated from a USB port, making it pretty much a plug-and-play light strip. It is ideal for TVs ranging from 40 to 60 inches in size, to provide a cool backlight that improves your TV viewing and quickly adds an element of design to your living area. Simply peel and attach to the back of your TV, plug the USB cord onto one of your television’s ports and voila!  Without the need to program anything, this LED strip features a remote that allows you to choose from the 16 different colors and four dimmable settings to set the perfect ambiance for your home theater. You will be surprised by the big difference that these little lights on the back of your television set can make. It will almost feel like you have a new TV.

At an affordable price point, this is the best backlight TV kit solution for your home. It is straightforward, simple to install, and can greatly enhance your TV watching experience. With something as simple as a TV backlight you will notice that you enjoy films again, binge-watch your favorite shows with style, and have friends over for an entertaining evening.

GE 10434

If you are simply looking for a warm, comfortable lighting accent to display your books or cabinet décor then all you need is the GE 10434 rigid LED light strips. Though many consumers prefer flexible lights, sometimes rigid light strips are the most convenient option because they are easier to handle and do not require any cutting or measuring. You can easily link up to six of these strips at a time, allowing you to accommodate to the size of your bookcase or entertainment center and add as much or as little light as desired.

Plus, the GE 10434 features a long power cord that measures 12 inches and dedicated on and off switch. All you do is plug your lights in and then turn on and off as needed.

These long-life LEDs are energy efficient and cool to the touch, for your peace of mind and the safety of your home. They are a no-frills solution to your lighting needs and will beautifully enhance any shelving unit at an affordable price.

OxyLED OxySense Stick-on Wireless Motion Sensing Cabinet LED

We all have places in our home that need lighting when in use but don’t have a light fixture. Certain closets or hallways, for example, may not require a constant light source but could definitely use better visibility to help choose your clothes or keep young children safe at night. This is where the OxySense Wireless Motion Sensing LED comes to the rescue. This motion-activated LED light strip uses infrared technology that is able to sense movement within a distance of 10 feet, to provide excellent lighting when you enter the room. Best of all, the light also automatically turns off after 15 to 17 seconds of you leaving. This means you never have to worry about turning it on or off. It accommodates to your needs so you don’t have to even think about lighting.

The OxySense is battery-powered and easy to install. No need to connect anything or worry about any type of cables. Simply peel off the 3M adhesive on the back of the strip to safely attach this LED light to any smooth, dry surface. No tools required.

Stop dealing with dark closets or poorly lit spaces in your home. Forget about having to bring an electrician in to install lights for you. The OxySense is the best motion-activated strip that delivers 20 super bright LEDs per light bar, to conveniently provide pure white brightness as needed wherever you choose to install it.

Supernight LED Strip Lights

With the Supernight LED Strip Lights, you can give your car a unique look that is sure to stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever you go. These durable and weather-proof RGB LED strips are used to customize both the interiors and exteriors of vehicles, for a party on wheels. These powerful strips offer up to 16 million colors for maximum fun. You can change the colors, choose your favorite speed modes and adjust the light brightness all from a remote control that stays inside your vehicle. Another great feature is that these lights have markers for you to know where to cut and adjust sizing as needed, as well as self-adhesive tape for easy installation.

Though not especially designed for vehicle customization, what makes these lights especially good for cars is their waterproof protection level of IP65 which helps keep them protected from splashes or wet feet. Additionally, their double-layer copper helps maintain the mixed colors more even for a longer period of time. And, aside from the fun factor, LED lights can add safety to motorcycles, bikes or skateboards as they make these vehicles more visible on the road.

The Supernight LED Strip Lights are the best for car customizations, and they are our favorite for these types of projects because they are long-lasting, flexible and waterproof. Also, they can be connected to a 12V battery, which means that no plug-in is necessary for operation. With the Supernight LED Strip Lights, you can avoid the need to do any electrical work in order to create a custom lighting design for your car.

Decorating with light has never been as exciting, easy and safe to do as with LED light strips. With neat features such as changing color schemes, music synchronization and water protection you can let your imagination fly to create original spaces that represent your personality and show off your taste. But it doesn’t have to be all fun and games with LED light strips. They are also very functional pieces of equipment that can be used to provide extra visibility in places where you need it most, at prices that are affordable and with maximum ease of installation. They are portable, energy-efficient solutions that allow you to choose the desired level of brightness in different kinds of places or situations. Whether you are purchasing an LED light strip for fun or for functionality, you first want to take the needs of your project into consideration. Choose the best lighting solution that will last, at a price that is affordable to you and that will also provide the right amount of brightness for you.

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