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Commerce Contributor

Commerce Contributor

Digital Trends' Commerce team has a simple mission: to help our readers make the purchasing decision that is right for them and their specific needs. Digital Trends is your authoritative guide to the world around us. We love, live and breathe tech so that we can explain it to you simply and clearly.

The best home pulse oximeters

Pulse oximeters allow people to monitor vital signs for oxygen issues. If you have a condition that affects your blood oxygen levels, you may benefit from one.
best portable generators champion generator

The best portable generators: Help your home weather the storm

Keep electric supply steady with a portable generator at home. You won't ever have to worry about your refrigerator running or extremely hot or cold weather.

Disney+ UK: Last chance to get this unmissable pre-order deal

Time is running out to snap up an annual Disney+ UK subscription for only £50, down £10 from the usual £60, ahead of its launch the United Kingdom on March 24.

Disney+ UK: Don’t miss this incredible pre-order deal

To celebrate the launch of Disney+ in the U.K., Disney is knocking £10 off the cost of an annual subscription for customers who register before March 23.
best tailgating accessories weber meat thermometer

The best meat thermometers

For some people, there's nothing scarier in the kitchen than the color pink. Here are a few gadgets that will make sure your meat is perfectly cooked.
best vacuum sealers vacuumsealerfeaturedimage

The best vacuum sealers

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a vacuum sealer to save money on your grocery bill, here are five choices that will help you decide which one is best for you.
best led light strips ledstockimage

The best LED light strips

If you are looking for LED strips to decorate your home, add a soft glow to a bookcase or customize your vehicle, you'll find some of the best LED light strips here.
best pocket projectors projectorfeaturedimage

Best mini projectors for 2022

When you need a projector on the go or don't want to bother with complicated set up, a pocket projector could be your best friend. Keep reading to find out which ones Digital Trends believes will transform your viewing experience.
best beer fridges beerfridgestockimage

Best beer fridges for 2020

Your beer isn't workin out in your regular refrigerator. Use this handy list from Digital Trends to find the right beer fridge to customize your temps and ensure your contents are safe around the clock.
best indoor pizza ovens pizzaovenfeaturedimage

Best indoor pizza ovens for 2020

Taking your pizza baking to the next level doesn't require outdoor construction. Read on to find the Digital Trends list of indoor pizza ovens offering the high temperatures and customized controls you need for the perfect homemade pizza.
best blood pressure monitors bloodpressurelifestyle

The best blood pressure monitors

If you're concerned about your blood pressure, our list of home blood pressure monitors offers you peace of mind. With reliable results and a variety of price points, you'll find the right one for you on this list.
best heart rate monitors fitness tracker coospo

The best heart rate monitors

Looking for the best way to monitor your heart rate for the new year? Steps used to be the way fitness trackers assessed their health goals, but it’s all about the heart rate now. This list includes reliable, informative monitors for a variety of health activities designed to fit every budget and style.