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Commerce Contributor

Digital Trends' Commerce team has a simple mission: to help our readers make the purchasing decision that is right for them and their specific needs. Digital Trends is your authoritative guide to the world around us. We love, live and breathe tech so that we can explain it to you simply and clearly.

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Best meat thermometers for 2020

Without a food thermometer, cooks find themselves choosing to cook food a bit longer to make sure it’s safe to eat.
Buying Guides

The best vacuum sealers for 2020

During our research, we discovered how many powerful and versatile vacuum sealers that are currently on the market.

The best electric snowblowers for 2020

Choosing the right snowblower or thrower will make your life so much easier when the severe weather hits.
Health & Fitness

Best stepper machines for 2020

Many stair steppers are designed for home use and some are so compact that they can even travel with you.
Smart Home

Best LED light strips for 2020

It comes as no surprise that LED light strips have become versatile to accommodate the needs of consumers.

Best gas snowblowers for 2020

If you have difficult winters every year, investing in a gas snow blower could make your life so much easier.