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Few standing desks are designed for comfort and convenience

One of the new additions that became a critical part of my home office during the pandemic was a standing desk. You’ve probably read all about the wonders and joys they have to offer, but after using one for several months, I realized that the majority of them lack designs that prioritize comfort and convenience. Just look at the available crop out there, most of which are simple tabletops fastened to an adjustable base that goes up and down. But that all changed after switching to a different standing desk.

Ergonomics = comfort

After months of using a Flexispot standing desk, which admittedly has an attractive starting price of $250, I switched to the Ufou Upon smart standing desk. Using it has been eye-opening, though it’s $3,188 cost is better described as eye-watering (more on that later). Comfort is its biggest priority because not only is there always the option to use it while standing, but it’s also neat that there are variations to working while sitting.

That’s because it’s been designed with thoughtful ergonomics. Much like any standing desk, the Upon offers height adjustment, going as high as 51-inches. However, it takes the extra step of offering width and tilt adjustment. I’m able to essentially extend the desk when I need the arm room for projects and items, but I can also achieve that zero gravity posture while sitting down because the table can tilt as much as 35-degrees.

Female sitting in zero gravity position on Ufou Upon smart standing desk.

All of the adjustments are done through a joystick on the side of the desk, which is a different implementation from other standing desks. And lastly, there’s a cutout on the base of the desk that’s padded down to allow me to rest both of my feet while sitting. Genius I tell you, genius.

These design choices really helped me out while recuperating from a foot injury that required me to keep my foot propped up from the ground. Most standing desks don’t have cutouts or pads to rest my feet on. This made it bearable to work with my foot recovering.

Integrated charging solutions

Another annoying quality about most generic standing desks is the ugly mess of wires and cables that end up bunching upin one central area, where they all meet on the floor to plug into a nearby power strip. There’s nothing more annoying than having to plug and unplug cords on the floor. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate how some standing desks have integrated USB ports on the side, but I would prefer more power choices.

The Ufou Upon smart standing desk alleviates some of this by integrating a power strip into the desk itself. It’s actually situated near the top area of the desk, hidden behind a cover. Not only are there three outlets, but there are USB-A and USB-C ports as well. I cannot tell you how convenient it is to have these power solutions within arm’s reach. It takes the away hassle of constantly bending down to unplug/plug devices. The only thing it lacks is wireless charging, which could technically be added on later.

Thoughtful designs come at a price

What’s apparent in using the Ufou Upon smart standing desk over the last several months is that a thoughtful design comes at a steep price. There’s something to say about a generic standing desk priced at $2and I really hope other makers realize the need for comfort and convenience.

Ufou Upon smart standing desk in up position with angled top.

Small details such as built-in drawers, a scratch and smudge- resistant surface, and discrete casters for easy movement make the Upon a truly smart, superiorly designed standing desk. It’s rare to find these features in an ordinary standing desk. Sure, you can always move to the living room to sit on a recliner or couch while working on your laptop, but I’m hoping that more standing desk makers start taking comfort and convenience more seriously.

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