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The 5 best wireless chargers for Android and iPhone in 2024

Wireless charging has made its way into most of the best phones and many other devices, such as charging cases for some of the best wireless earbuds. This makes a a wireless charger a nice accessory on the desk or bedside table. There are a lot of wireless chargers on the market, and like any piece of tech, it can be difficult to tell which may be the best for your needs. That’s why we’ve made some selections for the best wireless chargers for various use-cases. Read onward to find out which wireless chargers we think are the best, and for more information on which may best suit your needs.

The best wireless chargers in 2024

  • Buy the if you want the best wireless charger overall.
  • Buy the if you want the best wireless charger for Android.
  • Buy the if you want the best wireless charger for iPhone.
  • Buy the if you want the best wireless charger for multiple devices.
  • Buy the if you want the best wireless charger for cheap.

Twelve South PowerPic Mod

Best wireless charger overall

The Twelve South PowerPic Mod on a desk.
Twelve South
Pros Cons
Sleek, customizable design Doesn’t work with some phone cases
Compatible with most phones No fast charging
Small footprint

The Twelve South PowerPic Mod has one of the more unique designs you’ll find in a wireless charger. We like it because it’s minimal and because it charges your phone while standing it upright, which allows for you to more easily interact with it while it’s charging compared to a wireless charging pad. And because of its minimalist design, it will work well on desks or anywhere else you may be trying to save a little space. The display is fully customizable, as you can set it with wallpaper to match your interior design or even show your favorite photos.

Charging power 10 watts
Compatibility Universal

Spigen Wireless Charger

Best wireless charger for Android

The Spigen Wireless Charger against a white background.
Pros Cons
Fast charging support Questionable durability
Protects from overheating
Case-friendly charging

If you’re an Android user with an eye out for something to get you charged up fast, we feel the Spine Wireless Charger is the best wireless charger for you. While it will work with any wireless charging device, it feels especially geared toward Android users. It has a double non-slip pad that will solidly hold the device it’s charging in place, and the charger prevents overheating. It’s also a good wireless charger if you utilize a thicker case for your Android phone, as it’s compatible with cases up to 5mm thick.

Charging power Up to 15-watt fast charging
Compatibility Universal

Apple MagSafe Charger

Best wireless charger for iPhone

Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger on a white background.
Pros Cons
Made by Apple Power adapter sold separately
Fast charging support
MagSafe compatible

Apple users often love things made by Apple, which is why we feel the best wireless charger for iPhone is a wireless charger made by Apple. The MagSafe wireless charger is minimal, discrete, and powerful. It has 15-watt fast charging capability, and it’s compatible with Qi wireless charging devices. This includes things like the iPhone, but it also includes other Apple devices such as the Apple AirPods Pro 2. This wireless charger has an integrated USB-C cable and can easily plug in just about anywhere.

Charging power Up to 15-watt fast charging
Compatibility Universal

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Best wireless charger for multiple devices

The Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger against a white background.
Pros Cons
Fast charging support Expensive
MagSafe compatible
3-in-1 charging capability

If you have several devices that can do their charging wirelessly, the Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger is the best wireless charger for you. It can charge up to three devices at once, and it includes a stand that will hold your phone in place while it charges. It has fast charging technology to get things charged up quickly, and its powerful magnetic connection ensures devices like smartwatches, phones, and headphones stay in place while they charge.

Charging power Up to 15-watt fast charging
Compatibility Universal

Anker Wireless Charger 313

Best budget wireless charger

Anker wireless charger against a white background.
Pros Cons
Super affordable No MagSafe support
Universal compatibility Power adapter sold separately
Case-friendly charging

If your bottom line is, well, your bottom line, the best wireless charger for you is the super affordable Anker Wireless Charger. It’s a no frills wireless charger that can be easily placed almost anywhere without a second thought. It comes in at a super low price point, but doesn’t sacrifice too much. It doesn’t have fast charging capabilities and it isn’t compatible with Apple MagSafe, but it universally compatible with phones and other wireless charging devices, and it’s even capable of charging through cases up to 5mm thick.

Charging power Up to 10 watts
Compatibility Universal

How we chose these wireless chargers

We’ve been covering mobile tech for quite some time, and with the transition to wireless charging amongst mobile devices like smartphones and earbuds, we’ve had to keep our own charging capabilities up to date. In many cases we’ve used the wireless chargers selected above, but as smartphone users we have a good grip on what to look for when shopping for ourselves. We’ve combined this experience with the knowledge that comes with covering tech for years to make our selections for the best wireless chargers.

This article is managed and created separately from the Digital Trends Editorial team.

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