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The Ninja Blender just got a HUGE price cut for Cyber Monday

There’s no shortage of options this Cyber Monday for upgrades to your kitchen, including this Ninja blender Cyber Monday deal from Walmart that slashes the price of the Ninja Professional 1,000-Watt Blender to just $69 after a to its original price of $84. With this kitchen appliance’s versatility, it could fall among the best Cyber Monday deals that you can take advantage of for your kitchen, as it will unlock a lot of different recipes for you to try and beverages for you to make.

Today’s best Ninja blender Cyber Monday deal

Ninja blender with various foods around it.

Why buy:

  • Powerful blades that quickly turn ice to snow
  • Can function as a food processor for certain ingredients
  • Large capacity to make drinks for the whole family at once
  • Unleashes your creativity in the kitchen

The primary purpose of the Ninja Professional 1,000-Watt Blender is to make drinks and smoothies for the whole family, including frozen beverages to keep the children cool during hot summer months and alcoholic concoctions for the adults to try during dinner parties. The blender maximizes the use of Ninja’s Total Crushing Blades, which can quickly transform ice to snow while offering powerful performance when it comes to blending. There’s no need to worry that it wouldn’t be able to handle the tasks that you have in mind, as the blades combine with the blender’s powerful motor to help you prepare drinks and smoothies quickly.

The blades, which are also capable of pureeing and controlled processing, allow the Ninja product to blur the line between blenders and food processors. While the features of blenders almost always focus on using liquid ingredients, such as easy-to-pour reservoirs and cylinders that double as your container for drinking, food processors are designed for more labor-intensive tasks, mostly involving solid ingredients that you prepare for cooking meals. If you don’t have much space on your kitchen countertop, the Ninja Professional 1,000-Watt Blender can also double as a food processor for soft ingredients, which will come in handy for tasks such as preparing dips and sauces.

Another defining characteristic of the Ninja Professional 1,000-Watt Blender is its 72-ounce pitcher, which will lets you prepare drinks and smoothies for several people at once. It’s a hassle to blend several times to make shakes for the whole family, but that won’t be a problem with this Ninja blender because of its pitcher’s huge capacity. This also ensures that you can fit all your preferred ingredients at once, so you won’t have to keep opening the lid to add ingredients as you blend them.

Like the best blenders, the Ninja Professional 1,000-Watt Blender will bring out your creativity in the kitchen. When you’ve got a reliable blender, you won’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients as it will be easy to work with, compared to dealing with them using an appliance that’s tough to use itself. With practice, you’ll be using this Ninja blender to make restaurant-level smoothies in no time.

Should you shop this Ninja blender Cyber Monday deal today or wait until tomorrow?

Most kitchens need a blender, so there will always be interest in offers such as this Ninja blender Cyber Monday deal from Walmart. Ninja is one of the most trusted brands among kitchen appliances, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this offer gets sold out soon. According to an Adobe Analytics report, retailers are releasing out-of-stock alerts at a faster pace compared to pre-pandemic levels, with a 124% increase that’s still rising as more products’ stocks are getting depleted. There’s a high chance that the Ninja Professional 1,000-Watt Blender will soon join the list of sold-out products, so if you don’t want to miss out on Walmart’s offer, you shouldn’t hold yourself back — finalize your purchase as soon as possible.

If you’re hesitating to make the purchase because the Ninja blender’s price may fall further tomorrow, you should know that you can cancel your purchase if that happens. You can use the return window of retailers to your advantage so that if there’s a better deal for the Ninja blender, you can still snag it. At the very least, if you buy the Ninja blender right now, you’ll be able to secure stocks of the kitchen appliance, so that you’re sure that you’ll get it in time for the holidays no matter what.

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