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Tempo Studio adds new equipment for more of that gym experience at home

Tempo Studio is already esteemed for offering its users a complete home gym experience, due in part to its focus on strength training with its bundled gym accessories and equipment, but now it’s being made even better with the addition of more equipment. Today, the company announced its suite of new accessories and expanded on-demand workouts to make the home gym experience even more personal.

Right from the onset, the Tempo Studio was unique in the world of smart fitness displays because it included weights, dumbbells, and a barbell that allowed users to challenge themselves when building muscles — unlike its rivals, like Mirror, which merely focused on high-intensity workouts and your body weight for strength training.

The first of the new equipment is a brand new kettlebell system, which leverages the existing weight plates that come with Tempo Studio. The bar and handle allow for quick adjustments to make the kettlebell conducive to your workouts, so you’re never over- or under-exerting yourself. The second is a folding squat rack that adds safety by allowing users to add the necessary weights to the barbell. And lastly, the folding bench adds a new layer of activity with Tempo Studio workouts, since many exercises were traditionally done on the ground. For example. bench presses are now more natural in form because you’ll be sitting on the folding bench with the squat rack safely holding the barbell — just like you would do in a normal gym setting.

With the addition of these new pieces of equipment, you may be wondering how and where they’re stored when they’re not being used. While Tempo Studio does a phenomenal job of tucking away plates in a storage compartment just beneath its display, and the barbells and dumbbells are hung in the rear, the squat rack and bench press can be folded for easy storage — while a new weight plate storage accessory will house the heavier weight plates introduced by the company last year.

Even though there’s a focus on strength training through its on-demand and live classes, its selection of workouts now includes boxing and yoga. New customers will have three new packages to choose from: Tempo Starter at $2,495, Tempo Plus at $3,245, and Tempo Pro at $3,995. They’re differentiated by the various new accessories that were mentioned above, but you can learn more about the specifics of what they come with on Tempo Studio’s website.

And lastly, its $39 monthly subscription service provides users with unlimited live and on-demand classes with proper form and coaching with its unique artificial intelligence-powered sensors.

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