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Forget the gym. Studio smart display gives you a great workout at home

With so many people unable to go to the gym, at-home smart displays have been on the rise. The majority of these displays are stationary devices that help guide users through workouts, but Studio provides a different experience.

Studio is a 43-inch smart display that connects to your existing home gym equipment to monitor your progress. If your home gym equipment is Bluetooth-enabled, Studio can connect to it directly. Even if you have older equipment that isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, Studio can connect via provided sensors.

Connecting Studio to your gym equipment allows it to read the speed of the equipment, your heart rate, and much more. You can also control the equipment through the Studio mobile app to change the speed, resistance, and other variables. The Studio display includes a set of wheels at the bottom that allow you to move it around your home gym. It doesn’t have to remain in a single place and allows you to use it on multiple pieces of equipment.

Studio also offers a variety of classes including boxing, yoga, strength training, rowing, cycling, and even recovery classes. Studio has over 2,000 classes available and adds an average of six more classes per day.

The screen is split into two areas. The top displays the class and the trainer (if you are taking a class) while the bottom part of the screen shows any information related to your workouts, such as the speed of a treadmill or the incline of a bike.

For those with a competitive streak, Studio allows you to compete against anyone who has previously taken the class. You can show your score and overall performance versus those of others. Studio uses heart rate zones as a baseline comparison, so you will only compete against those in similar shape as yourself.

Studio will retail for $1,000 and is slated to begin shipping in November. It will require a monthly subscription of $40 with unlimited use by family members. The product is currently available on Indiegogo, but as always, be wary of crowdfunded products.

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