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Carbon Trainer fitness mirror whips you into shape using 3D cameras and sensors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the hardest workout of them all? At-home workout mirrors have gained popularity in recent months, especially as many people avoid gyms in favor of properly social-distanced workouts. The problem that many people encounter is that it is difficult to properly strength train without heavyweights, and most people are tired of the same bodyweight fitness-slash-resistance band workouts. Carbon Trainer aims to fix that.

Carbon Trainer is the first artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered fitness mirror. Carbon Trainer is designed with serious workouts in mind and uses impressive artificial intelligence to reach that goal. The A.I. acts like a fitness coach and tracks every move through 3D motion-tracking technology. This allows Carbon Trainer to measure your progress, plan future workouts, and learn your capabilities. The mirror will alternate between pushing you past your limits and encouraging rest when necessary. Each workout utilizes the data gathered from previous workouts to create a tailor-made fitness regimen.

The Carbon Trainer can take you through strength and resistance training, conditioning, mobility, CrossFit, and even yoga. There are daily live and on-demand classes, and you can work out with friends remotely. The Carbon Trainer includes a competition mode that allows you to compete against friends in different challenges. It also has a social aspect that allows you to share your results to receive feedback from others in the Carbon Trainer community.

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There are even user base-wide challenges, like the 1,000 Push Up challenge. Think you’re up for it?

You can connect wireless sensors to your own workout equipment to get even more precise data, such as the total weight lifted and how explosive you were. These sensors can attach to your dumbbells, kettlebells, and plates. If you need equipment, Carbon Trainer has connected weights available for pre-order. You don’t need weights to use Carbon Trainer, but they help when you reach higher levels of fitness.

The Carbon Trainer has a far-field microphone that allows it to hear voice commands even when you’re far from it, as well as powerful speakers that make it easy to hear your coach. You can also pump out your favorite workout tunes. Your fitness watch or heart rate monitor can also attach directly to the Carbon Trainer and display its data directly on the screen.

The Carbon Trainer is available for exclusive early bird purchase with a price of $1,750 and will waive monthly fees for the first year. This price will increase to $2,295 at retail, with a monthly subscription fee of $39. The Carbon Trainer is scheduled to begin shipping in December.

The Carbon Trainer could be a great tool for sticking with your 2021 fitness resolutions.

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