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Samsung may tease possible new TVs, smart home devices at March 2 event

Samsung Unbox and Discover Event invitation

CES is typically the time and place where most big TV brands show off their latest and greatest models, Samsung might have been holding back this year. The company’s TV division — Samsung Visual Display — has issued an invitation to an “Unbox & Discover” livestreamed event scheduled for March 2, where it “will share its vision for how the company’s latest innovative products are set to redefine the role of the TV through cutting-edge technologies, beautiful design, and impactful partnerships.”

What exactly does this mean? There are a few possibilities. Given that Samsung used CES 2021 to announce its 2021 Neo QLED TVs, which use the latest mini-LED backlights, as well as its first MicroLED TV that doesn’t require professional installation, it’s unlikely that it’s going to use this event to launch yet another kind of TV.

But if it were to show off a new TV, the odds favor a debut of Samsung’s QD Display technology, a quantum dot-enhanced OLED TV that the rest of the industry refers to as QD-OLED. A QD Display TV would certainly count as “cutting-edge” technology.

As exciting as the debut of an entirely new TV display would be, a more plausible highlight would be Samsung’s expansion of its smart home ambitions, with its TVs taking on the role of central hub and companion.

This could be the “impactful partnerships” mentioned in the teaser. In 2018, Samsung partnered with ADT to deliver a SmartThings-based home security system, which included the ability to view security camera feeds on Samsung TVs. We could be introduced to more smart devices and services that tie into the SmartThings ecosystem.

In 2020, Samsung launched the Samsung Health app on its smart TVs and smartwatches, a move that mirrors Apple Fitness+, which is offered on the Apple TV and tracked via the Apple Watch.  Neither Samsung Health nor Apple Fitness+ offers live classes, which has been the hallmark of fitness giant Peloton. There’s a chance Samsung could move into the live class model, maybe even with Peloton’s help — Peloton has already struck such a partnership with Roku.

There’s always the chance that Samsung plans to announce something that doesn’t fit with any of these categories. To find out, check back with us on March 2 for all of the details.

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