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Forget the gym. Mirror brings one-on-one personal training to your living room

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fittest one of all? The answer could be you, if you picked up the Mirror, a smart fitness mirror that displays workouts on its panel. You can watch yourself as you work out to make sure you’re keeping up the proper form throughout. On October 8, Mirror announced that it would provide personal one-on-one training at just $40 per session. After the initial $1,495 for the Mirror itself — and a $39 per month subscription for the 70-plus live classes each week — that’s a pretty penny, but still more affordable than personal trainers at most gyms.

For those without a Mirror, it sports a 40-inch display and resolution of 1080p, which means you can easily see your trainer. The 5-megapixel camera means they can easily see you, too. Built-in speakers and a microphone let you have a conversation with your trainer. It’s almost like they’re right there in your living room with you. When the Mirror isn’t it use, the audio and microphone shut off and it looks just like any other mirror, which means your personal trainer won’t be privy to any late-night Cheetos binges.

The Mirror is not a touchscreen device. You control it through an iPhone app. Unfortunately, there is no Android support yet. Aside from personal training, you can stream classes like yoga and boxing straight to the display, and each workout is customized based on your biometric data. This means that classes will increase in difficulty as you increase in fitness level.

Mirror is just one of many different companies that are attempting to bring gym-level fitness to the convenience of the home. While it isn’t a replacement for a proper gym membership where trainers can help correct your form, the Mirror makes it harder to find an excuse not to workout — and that may be all the nudge a lot of people need to start taking control of their health.

The Mirror is available for purchase from the company’s website, where users can also sign up for the monthly subscription for workout classes, and also sign up for personal training. Anyone interested in checking out the device before they buy it can visit the company’s New York City flagship location to try it out.

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