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Tempo Move is a more affordable home gym powered by Apple’s iPhone

The past year has seen an explosion of at-home workout solutions, usually in the form of smart mirrors or similar devices. While these solutions can (and do) provide incredible workouts, they are typically cost-prohibitive — often to such a degree that many people just don’t invest in them. Tempo Move offers a more affordable option powered entirely by your iPhone.

The Tempo Move home gym provides real-time guidance, custom weight recommendations, training plans, competition-grade weights, and precise tracking for just $395 and a $39-per-month subscription. Tempo Move is expected to begin shipping in December.

What sets the Tempo Move apart is that it doesn’t rely on expensive, flashy equipment; instead, it makes use of a device you already have: The iPhone’s TrueDepth camera. It uses this camera to create a 3D map of the user and their environment, allowing Tempo Move to provide detailed feedback about the user’s form and technique during their workout.

Tempo Move consists of three main elements: 3D TempoVision, smart weights, and the Core. It utilizes 3D TempoVision to analyze a user’s form and compare it to thousands of different examples collected from personal trainers to provide feedback in real time. You don’t have to wait till a workout is over for feedback; if you are arching your back during a squat, Tempo Move will tell you.

Tempo Move comes in an attractive storage unit.

The Core communicates with your iPhone and most TVs to power the experience and make it easy to see any relevant information about the workout. Tempo Move includes 50 pounds of weighted plates and dumbbells in a storage unit that’s roughly the same height as a media console. The Core sits on top of this unit. By docking your iPhone into the Core, you activate the experience — but you can remove the Core from the storage unit and move it if that better fits your needs.

Tempo Move also includes thousands of live and on-demand classes that featuree everything from strength training to yoga. Barbell and kettlebell classes are planned for 2022. Altogether, Tempo Move provides users with more than 100,000 hours of combined training experience, literally at their fingertips.

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