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The best places to go for free online workouts

You don’t need a gym to stay fit anymore. More than ever, there are options out there online to stay in tip-top shape. With money tight for many of us, a costly gym membership just isn’t in the cards.

Have no fear, though; there are many options out there for free online workouts to help you stay fit. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best options in our opinion for you below, to help you stay fit and help combat that cabin fever. And they’re all completely free — with no catches or subscription required.

Free Yoga with FLY LDN

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LEGS UP, this coming week’s schedule is ???????????? We are excited to bring you a week full of great classes on Instagram Live ???? All classes run for 45 mins! ⁠ ????MON ⁠ 08:00am – Low Impact with @katieandmovement⁠ 12:30pm – Barre with @katieandmovement⁠ 06:00pm – Flowlife45 with @fifiyogagirl⁠ ????TUES⁠ 08:00am – Slow Flow with @fifiyogagirl ⁠ 12:30pm – Low Impact with @katieandmovement⁠ 06:00pm – Barre with @chiarabecuti⁠ ????WED⁠ 08:00am – Pilates with @harrietheath_⁠ 12:30pm – Barre with @katieandmovement ⁠ 06:00pm – CHILL with @fifiyogagirl⁠ ????THURS⁠ 08:00 am – Barre with @katieandmovement⁠ 12:30pm – Flowlife45 with @fifiyogagirl⁠ 06:00pm – Pilates with @chiarabecuti ⁠ ????FRI⁠ 08:00am – Low Impact with @katieandmovement⁠ 12:30pm – Barre with @chiarabecuti 06:00pm – Slow Flow with @fifiyogagirl

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FLY LDN is one of London’s premier Yoga studios. While its studios are closed, FLY LDN is offering free 45-minute classes online via Instagram Live to its followers three times daily. Just remember that the times listed above are London time, which is currently five hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time.

Orangetheory at Home

Orangetheory is known for its crazy HIIT workouts, and the company is posting daily videos to its Instagram page that are roughly 30-minute workouts, seven days a week. Most of the workouts can be done with little if any additional equipment and uses objects that you might have in your home already.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has started to do live “work-ins” on its Facebook page each weekday at 7 p.m. ET. If you’ve missed any, PF is also archiving them on their Facebook page for later use, as well as on-demand on their YouTube channel. No equipment is required at all, and you can even interact with the trainers during the sets.


Even though you might have the impression that CrossFit is an expensive and complex way to get fit, the site has a good number of beginner-friendly workouts on its website. And unlike many other sites, you won’t feel guilt-tripped into the way you look — normal folks like the rest of us are often used to show how easy these exercises are to do, and most with items you already have — like those gallon jugs of water and milk you’ve been stockpiling.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s is a fitness studio that has become quite popular in Hollywood. The company’s Instagram Live page will stream workouts on a regular basis, which will be archived to their IGTV channel and available the following day.


Fitness brand Gymshark offers free workouts via its Gymshark Conditioning app, which is available for iOS. You won’t need much equipment, if any — and the Gymshark trainers will also make use of household objects to help you stay in shape.

Crunch Fitness

All you’ll need to do is submit your email address to get access to Crunch Fitness’ workouts for a period of 45 days. We’ve tested this out ourselves and you indeed do not need any credit card information to access some of the site’s free workouts. Altogether you’ll get access to about 100 or so video workouts, and if you have a Crunch Fitness nearby, this service is included free with a membership to a local gym — which also unlocks additional content. Not a bad deal.


Boxing studio Rumble plans to host daily Instagram Live videos with new cardio and bodyweight workouts each morning at 9am ET.

305 Fitness

305 Fitness’ dance-cardio workouts are popular among NYC fitness junkies. With gyms closed in the city, its founder Sadie Kurzban will hold cardio dance workouts twice daily on its YouTube channel at noon and 6 p.m. ET.


Trendy athletic clothing brand Lululemon is hosting free Instagram Live workout sessions seven days a week on a variety of fitness topics including yoga, at-home training, meditation, and most importantly during these trying times, self-care.

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