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Apple adds new colors for the HomePod Mini to brighten your day

The HomePod Mini is an affordable entry-level device for HomeKit and Siri users, and now the product is available in three all-new colors: Yellow, orange, and blue. These colors make it easy to fit the HomePod into your décor, no matter what theme you’re going for, and join the existing colors of black (or space gray) and white.

Combined with new Siri capabilities, like the ability to set reminders or play Apple Music anywhere in your home, the HomePod Mini is more appealing than it has ever been. With 360-degree audio, room-filling sound, and much more, you can bring Siri from your iPhone to your home to not only jam out to your favorite tunes, but to control your smart home. More details are forthcoming, so check back here soon.

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Homepod Intercom.

The hardware of the HomePod Mini remains pretty much the same. It’s new features come thanks to upgrades to Siri, as well as Apple Music. The new Voice Plan from Apple Music means Siri can access every song and artistit has to offer and play them anywhere in your home that has a compatible speaker. Upgrades to Siri are much needed, and her new ability to set reminders is a welcome addition — but it still seems like a small update compared to what Alexa and Google are both capable of.

The price will remain just $99 for the HomePod Mini, making it a far more affordable option than the HomePod. Though Apple did not give a set release date for when these new colors would be available other than November, the company did state they would come to several different countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

HomePod Mini Intercom lineup.

The HomePod Mini has the potential to make HomeKit far more accessible to users. It’s the most budget-friendly HomeKit Hub on the market at the moment, and its small size allows it to fit nearly anywhere in the home. Although Siri can’t yet compete with Alexa and Google Assistant, the HomePod Mini boasts superior audio quality over comparably sized smart speakers. It also features Siri’s multi-user voice recognition capabilities, which means all members of your home can take advantage of Siri and set their own unique preferences.

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