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Move It Swift is a rhythm boxing workout for the home

Everyone wants to look good, but traditional workouts tend to be boring. Who really wants to lay on a sweaty workout bench and hold a heavy iron bar over your head, still slick with sweat from the previous user? No one, that’s who, especially as we continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Move It Swift offers an alternative method for getting in shape: Rhythm boxing.

Move It Swift presents working out like a game. The setup comes with an adjustable height trainer and two boxing gloves, as well as access to the Move It Swift app. It kind of reminds us on another recent in-home boxing setup, Liteboxer, which has a similar premise.

The Move It Swift Boxing Gloves are equipped with a six-axis motion sensor that allows them to measure a huge amount of information about your punch, including its force, speed, and the estimated number of calories burned. As you work out and use the training system, it will learn your style of boxing and provide more accurate feedback.

The gloves have interactive lights that change according to the intensity of your workout. Wondering how many calories you’re burning? Just glance at the lights. The changing colors also make your punches look distinct and add another layer of fun to the workout. When the workout is over, Move It Swift syncs the data to your mobile device so you can review your performance and your progress. It can also help you adjust your training data so that you can train smarter and more efficiently. There are optional courses available from the app that range in skill level from beginner to master. The courses cover things from the fundamental strikes in boxing to combination workouts aimed at improving your core strength.

If you’re the competitive type, you can set up your mobile device to monitor your workout. The Move It Swift App will automatically capture your best moments and allow you to share them across different social media platforms. You can also view your score and compare it on leaderboards.

The Move It Swift is currently on Indiegogo and is estimated to ship in October. As always, remember the risks associated with backing a crowdfunded product. If you’re looking for a way to get in shape before next summer (or you just want a way to box at home without another person), the Move It Swift brings music and boxing together into a single workout.

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