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What is Home Depot’s Hubspace?

Hubspace is Home Depot’s version of the connected smart home. It was designed to give users a simple way to set up smart home products, while also ensuring its catalog of products remains affordable. It’s similar to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, though it also integrates with these platforms to provide additional functionality.

Interested in picking up Hubspace gadgets for your home? Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

What is Hubspace?

The Hubspace app shown in front of a living room.
Home Depot

Hubspace is a platform that lets you quickly install and control products such as smart lights, shades, and locks. It was designed by Home Depot and is supported by numerous brands, including Commercial Electric, Defiant, Ecosmart, and Hampton Bay. If your product supports Hubspace, you can use the app to guide you through the installation process. You’ll also be able to use your smartphone to control it remotely. The goal of Hubspace is to make it easy to use smart home products — which can sometimes be overwhelming if you’re new to the space.

What products work with Hubspace?

A person using the Hubspace app on a stylized background.
Home Depot

Only a few products worked with Hubspace when it first launched, but now its catalog is filled with over 80 products. That’s still not quite as impressive as other platforms, but it’s enough to cover most aspects of your home. Here’s a look at a few products supported by Hubspace:

  • Defiant Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug
  • Defiant Biometric Fingerprint Smart Lock
  • EcoSmart A19 Color Light Bulb
  • Home Decorators Driskol Ceiling Fan
  • Hampton Bay Smart 200 Watt Landscape Lighting Transformer
  • Hampton Bay Outdoor Spotlights
  • Commercial Electric Smart Light Switch

Home Depot is constantly rolling out new products for Hubspace, and it even made an appearance at CES 2024. Expect the platform to continue to grow as smart homes become increasingly popular. For a full list of supported products, check out the official Hubspace website.

Does Hubspace work with Alexa and Google Assistant?

The Home Depot Hubspace logo on a white background.
Home Depot

Hubspace products are fully compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means that once you’ve finished the initial installation, you can sync it with other products in your home that the Hubspace app may not support. Savvy users might be able to find ways to get their devices working with Apple HomeKit, but Home Depot notes that only Alexa and Google Assistant are natively supported by Hubspace.

Thankfully, syncing Hubspace products with Alexa and Google Assistant is a simple process. After opening the Hubspace app, you’ll need to navigate to the Integration tab. From here, you can pick either Alexa or Google Assistant, which will load up the rest of the steps needed to connect your specific product.

You can also use the Alexa app to sync with Hubspace by downloading the Hubspace Skill to your account. On-screen prompts will then walk you through the rest of the process. The same goes for the Google Home app — after adding the Hubspace action to your profile, you’ll be asked to link your Google Home and Hubspace accounts. With that done, products in your Hubspace profile should become accessible via Google Home.

Is Hubspace worth it?

The Hubspace app is easy to use and is designed to simplify your smart home. If you’re a newcomer to the space, consider giving its lineup a closer look. Additional support for Google Home and Alexa makes it even more enticing, allowing you to integrate it with hundreds of other products. However, Hubspace is largely composed of entry-level, affordable products. Customers in the market for something more luxurious might want to check out products from Arlo, Google, Amazon, or other well-known brands.

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