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Noom: Everything you need to know about the popular weight loss program

Have you put on pandemic pounds you’d like to lose? Are dropping weight and getting fit on your hot list as personal goals, to get in your best shape for an upcoming event, or because you want to be as healthy as you can? Finding the right nutrition plan, best fitness apps, and best streaming workout subscriptions to meet your goals can be more than a little daunting. Noom is a  personalized app-based one-to-one coaching plan that aims to help you get more fit and healthy for the long-term. Noom is designed to support you on your path to your healthy weight in a sustainable manner rather than enticing you into crash-course diets. Noom is highly customized subscription-based program developed just for you from your answers to a series of questions. If you want to check out Noom before jumping all in, you can start with a two-week free trial with no ongoing commitment.

What is Noom?

Noom’s weight loss and healthy living strategy is based on teaching you to build healthier habits, therefore helping you lead a better life. Noom is not a quick-fix dump weight as fast as humanly possible program. You can pretty much figure that any program or product that promises massive weight loss in little time isn’t healthy, possibly to the point of danger. Fast weight loss app are rarely sustainable. Noom’s key technique is education backed by personalized coaching and peer support. Noom uses evidence-based science to teach you why making smarter choices makes sense so you feel empowered to stick with those choices, even if the app isn’t there to encourage you.

Noom also tracks everything you could possibly need to know. It provides you with a personalized calorie breakdown each day based on exactly how much exercise you’re doing, tweaking itself when you eat a little more or walk a little less than your plan during the day. It’s all done through a simple quiz that spots potential risk factors, like if you have a family history of certain illnesses. Noom appreciates you deserve a treat from time to time, giving each food a traffic light color to show what’s good for you while also accepting that it’s fine to eat ‘red’ treats in moderation sometimes too. You can even consume alcohol on Noom, and it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Noom also tracks your current weight and size, adjusting accordingly, with further sections for entering your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. You can enter data manually, or Noom can sync data with devices such as Fitbit and the Apple Watch. Accountability is a big deal for Noom and the app shows you what’s going on rather than berating you. After all, if you understand why you make the decisions you make, you’re more likely to be sensible with how you eat and exercise.

Noom also includes coaching. You are connected with a real human coach, rather than A.I.-generated suggestions and recommendations. Noom hooks you up with a qualified professional who motivates you throughout the week, through the application. Daily encouragement can make a difference, especially when you’re tempted to indulge in unhealthy food or to skip your workouts.

Noom is an all-in-one package designed by a team of personal trainers, behavioral psychologists, and nutritionists. Regular exercise  doesn’t do much good if you don’t eat well and good nutrition isn’t sufficient for health without movement and exercise. Ultimately, you need to be happy with your choices which is what Noom attempts to provide by educating you along the way.

Success rates are reportedly pretty good, with many online reviews citing that Noom has worked well for them. The combination of education and a real coach rather than standard A.I.-based notifications is sure to help motivate most users. It’s also great to see an app that tackles weight loss with a comprehensive approach that emphasizes fitness. Noom also provides a diabetes Type II prevention program. All you really need to do is add willpower and pay for the subscription. But, a mentioned above, you can also do a free trial before making a financial commitment.

How much is Noom?

Noom is expensive compared to many other fitness apps but a pretty good value when you look at programs like Weight Watchers. The best Noom subscription deal is the $199 annual subscription, which works out to $16.59 a month. If you go with the Noom monthly subscription plan, it costs $66.35 per month. There are also multiple-month plans that cost less per month with each incremental increase in number of months. You can try Noom entirely for free for two weeks which is the ideal chance to see if its method works for you.

Where can you use Noom?

You can sign up to Noom via the website but you will need a smartphone to access the bulk of the program’s features. The website is predominantly for sign-ups and to easily complete the quick survey that helps you set your goals when starting out. The app is available for both iOS and Android, so whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet, you can still use Noom.

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