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ProForm Vue fitness mirror undercuts its competition on price, throws in weights

ProForm is known for its sturdy, no-frills home gym equipment that won’t break the bank. Good news for people on a budget shopping for some new gear to add to their smart home gym. You can now jump into the fitness mirror craze with the new ProForm Vue. What’s important to note here is that it’s undercutting many of the other smart fitness mirrors on the market in price right now, like Mirror, Tonal, and Tempo Studio. If a mirror isn’t your thing, ProForm is also selling its new Studio Bike Pro 22 and the Pro 9000 treadmill.

Available now, the ProForm Vue is a full-length mirror measuring a roomy 58.2 inches tall by 20.4 inches wide. Like the Mirror and Tempo, the Vue gives the user visual feedback, allowing them to match the form and pace of the iFit trainer. The Vue is equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen display for selecting the workouts and watching the trainers. When doing mat workouts, the display can be tilted 60 degrees to the left and right.

ProForm Vue

Besides the mirror itself, the ProForm Vue also includes a 10-pound barbell, two 5-pound dumbbells, and four extra 2.5-pound weight plates. These accessories can be stored behind the screen when not in use. Like most interactive ProForm gear, the Vue is equipped with the iFit interactive training programs. iFit provides personalized fitness experiences with trainers who work alongside you.

Studio Bike Pro 22 and Pro 9000 treadmill

ProForm also is selling the Studio Bike Pro 22, a new iFit-endable bicycle trainer with a 22-inch HD display. The Pro 9000 also brings a 22-inch display, and adds Bluetooth connectivity to the company’s highly regarded treadmills. Equipped with ReBound Pro, the new Pro 9000 treadmill softens your landing and makes running and walking more comfortable. As a bonus, the treadmill folds out of the way for storage. Both the Studio Bike Pro 22 and the Pro 9000 treadmill use iFit software to control the resistance to match the terrain of the workout.

Proform Studio Bike Pro 22

All three trainers are available for ordering now from Proform’s website. The ProForm Vue costs $1,499, making it one of the least expensive fitness mirrors on the market. It’s on the lower side compared to its rivals, which is made better when the weights are included in the package — something that costs extra if you intend on getting the Mirror by Lululemon. The Studio Bike Pro 22 is equally affordable with a $1,499 price tag, while the Pro 9000 treadmill is priced at $1,799.

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