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Upright Go’s new budget wearable nags you when you slouch to improve posture

If you’ve ever had a parent tell you to sit up straight do you don’t ruin your posture, you know that you can sometimes end up slouching into your day without even realizing it. Good posture is actually important to your health, since keeping your spine correctly aligned lets you move more easily and also eases tension and stress on muscles and joints. Bad posture can lead to back and neck pain if left unchecked.

So, how are you supposed to check your posture? Short of taping a ruler to your back, researching the best office chairs, or getting a friend to elbow you into the upright world, your own posture isn’t that easy to see. That’s where Upright Go’s new product comes in.

Upright Go has just launched the all-new Upright Go S, a budget version of its popular posture trainer. It has a lower price tag than the Upright Go 2, but it features the same size, shape, and overall design.

Some of the features of the original device are left out of this version to make it affordable and accessible to more users. Even so, it still retains a lot of the functionality. While the Upright Go S lacks smart motion detection and has a shorter battery life (two-and-a-half days compared to the Go 2’s five days), it still comes with hypoallergenic adhesives to affix it painlessly to your back — albeit, fewer than you’ll get when buying the Go 2. It also still comes with a case and features smart app progress reports.

Upright GO S wearable worn around the neck

For those new to this device, you might be wondering exactly how it works and what it’s designed to do. In a nutshell, you can use the special adhesive pads or a lanyard to position the Go — a small, smooth, app-connected digital sensor device — over your spinal column. Biometric sensors designed to note if you start to lean will gently but firmly vibrate the device, instantly letting you know you’re slouching so you can sit back up or stand tall.

Pair it with the iOS or Android app for a daily report and feedback on your patterns. DarioHealth, which owns Upright Go, says this instant feedback helps “strengthen back and core muscles, stimulates improved blood flow, and eliminates poor slouching habits once and for all.” Where a back brace or corset-style garment might physically force you into sitting or standing straighter, Upright products work with your brain to retrain you, and establish muscle memory, strengthening the back and core for better, longer-term back health.

The Upright Go S launches today and will be available from Upright’s website and through a host of electronics retailers for $60.

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