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The Fitbit Luxe helps you manage your stress levels — and look good doing so

Fitbit Luxe Fitness & Wellness Tracker: Style That Moves With You

Spring is here, and with the warmer temperatures comes more opportunity to get outside and get in shape. In that spirit, Fitbit has announced the Luxe, a fashion-focused fitness tracker that will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals — all while looking stylish in the process.

One of the main points the Luxe addresses is stress. Since the start of the pandemic last year, studies have found that more than 50% of people have felt the physical impact of stress on their body — higher heart rates, fatigue, irritability, and more. The Fitbit Luxe makes stress management tools available to users around the globe. It provides a Stress Management Score for a daily assessment of your body’s ability to handle stress.

new fitbit luxe bands

The Luxe tracks a wide variety of other metrics to help you measure your overall health, including breathing rate, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, skin temperature variation, and even oxygen saturation. By tracking these metrics over time, you will determine personal baseline . A sudden change in any of these numbers could indicate a cold, or maybe that you need to take a break and unwind.

The Luxe also tracks your Sleep Score, a metric that helps you understand how well you sleep each night. You can also get nightly reminders to help you to go to bed at the same time to create a more consistent routine. Unlike many fitness trackers, the Luxe is designed for comfort. In other words, your sleep won’t be disrupted because of something on your wrist.


The Luxe also comes included with a six month trial of Fitbit Premium, so you have access to even more detailed information including nutrition content and curated recipe lists. That’s on top of tracking your food and water intake, as well as your weight, and women can even track menstrual cycles.

Of course, the Fitbit Luxe also tracks your heart rate and movement to provide you with information related to your workouts and exercise goals. There are more than 20 different on-wrist exercise modes to choose from, including golf, Pilates, and tennis. Connected GPS provides you with pace and distance information for those long runs when a user’s phone is nearby.


The Fitbit Luxe is available for pre-order today from and other major retailers for $150, which includes six months of Fitbit Premium. After this six-month period, Premium costs $10 per month, or $80 annually.

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