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These cheap clear face masks are in stock at Amazon and Walmart

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your surroundings lately or are having a hard time feeling connected to the people around you while wearing a face mask, try upgrading to a clear mask. With clear masks, your mouth and lips will be visible so now you can smile at your neighbors and more easily communicate with individuals who are hard of hearing. Made especially to make facial expressions effortlessly readable, these masks even let you spend quality time with your grandparents, who may be hearing impaired, without risking the spread of COVID-19. Check out these clear face masks and bring down the barriers of communication.

Andees Reusable Clear Mask — $7, was $10

This clear face mask made by Andees is reusable, washable, and works great for individuals who have pollen or dust allergies. The elastic ear loop makes sure that the mask stays in place and does not slide off, while also being extremely comfortable. There’s even a nose clip to keep this mask as airtight as possible. Andees guarantees a quick delivery, so you should have your mask in hand no later than two weeks. You can even get this particular clear mask in a variety of patterns instead of a simple solid color. You’ll also get three reusable masks in this deal so you can stay protected for longer. Get the Andees Reusable Clear Mask now for just $7 and make communicating with a mask on easier and risk-free.

Byh 5-Piece Smile Communicator Mask — $12, was $13

Available in four colors and sporting a cute flower pattern, this clear mask by Byh will make communicating with your neighbors so much easier. Since your lips and teeth are now visible, you can finally smile at the people around you and make lip reading a possibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The cotton-blend material keeps the mask from feeling uncomfortable when worn over long periods of time and also covers everything from your nose to your chin to offer maximum protection. With the added adjustable elastic ear straps, you can arrange this mask on your face or even give it to your child without worrying about any fit issues. There’s a total of five clear masks, so there’s enough to go around for the whole family. Get the Byh Smile Communicator Mask now for the reduced price of $12 — that’s less than $3 per mask!

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