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Why you should be buying face masks in bulk and where to buy them

Face masks are now part of your everyday life (and if they’re not, they should be). They’re part of work, home, and school life. They’re our best first line of defense against COVID-19. When shopping for face masks and other PPE, the totals tend to come out cheaper when you buy many, instead of few, or just one. We want to help you find the best deals on PPE, so we’ve compiled the list below, with some special promo codes, to help you find the most affordable face mask options for your and your family.

Now, N95 masks are the gold standard used by most hospitals and care facilities throughout the pandemic. At the same time, they are far from the only choice. An excellent default if N95 masks are unavailable is the KN95 mask, which is very effective and reliable for filtering out unwanted particles and germs — and have been approved by all the relevant agencies — and cost less. There are also cloth masks, which are washable, reusable, and lighter to wear. Here are some of the best options out there:

N95MaskCo — from $2.34/mask

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Use promo code: DT-TEN and get an additional 10% off all KN95 masks, including those that are already discounted.

Unlike other KN95 suppliers, these supplied by N95 Mask Co are FDA appendix A approved respirators. According to both 3M and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), they are approved and suitable equivalent to the N95 mask. The masks have been proven to filter out up to 95% of non-oily suspended particles of 0.3-micron levels.

Buy at N95MaskCo

Well Before — from $2.65/mask


Use promo code DT100OFF75 and get an additional 10% off all masks with a minimum purchase of $75.

KN95 masks from Well Before (formerly Honest PPE Supply) are FDA registered, CE registered, offer five layers of protection with a 95% filtration rate. Also, they come individually wrapped, which is ideal when grabbing one on-the-go, or tossing one in a bag.

Buy at Well Before

BraveNewLook — from $4.25/mask

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Use promo code DT15 and get an extra 15% off a purchase of a 100-count mask pack and filter pack.

Made from a cotton and spandex blend for a comfortable mask that fits the right way, the breathable fabric helps you stay cool while the five-layer PM2.5 filter — featuring activated carbon — protects you from small particles, like those found in droplets.

Buy at Brave New Look

MaskClub — from $9.53/mask

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Use promo code: DT40 and get 40% off all products with a minimum purchase of 100 items.

Fun and foldable (made with two-ply polyester) with designs from your and your kids’ favorite entertainment, including Sesame Street, Batman, and Hello Kitty — as well as more sophisticated designers, like Scalamandré. For every mask purchased at MaskClub, they’ll donate one mask to Baby2Baby. So far, the company has donated over 300,000 masks.

Buy at MaskClub

Learn more about the different types of masks and the protections each offer.

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Get a KN95 Mask from only $2.40 with our exclusive coupon code
kn95 everyday use masks shutterstock 1727118313 resize

Numerous states in the U.S. have mandated mask-wearing in public, and even in places where it's not legally required, many private businesses have instituted their own rules for facial coverings. If this has left you scrambling to find some face masks but you're still trying to sort out what type of mask to buy and where you can get them, you're in luck: N95 Mask Company is offering Digital Trends readers a 20% discount on its KN95 face masks with coupon code DTSPECIAL, meaning you can score a pack of 20 for just $2.40 apiece (or even cheaper if you buy more) -- one of the lowest prices available for certified masks from a reputable company.
Buy at N95 Mask Co
The shortage of personal protective equipment is thankfully in the rear-view mirror, but there are several kinds of face masks available right now and much of the terminology can seem a little confusing. You've likely seen many people wearing cloth face masks and disposable surgical masks, and while these can offer a decent level of protection, they do not bear any sort of official certifications for filtration efficiency. A more effective option is a mask that features an N95 or KN95 rating, meaning that it adheres to regulatory standards set by the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH).

In order for a mask to qualify for the N95 certification set by NIOSH, it must be capable of filtering at least 95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Viruses such as the coronavirus are smaller than that but the particles that these viruses travel on -- namely aerosolized fluids created when people cough, sneeze, speak, and even breathe -- are typically larger, which is what allows these face masks to capture these virus-carrying airborne particulates. KN95 is the Chinese government's equivalent regulatory standard for airborne filtration, and masks with this certification are on the Food and Drug Administration's Appendix A list of overseas-made masks that have been tested to meet U.S. regulatory standards.

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Hurry! These KN95 face masks are on sale for only $0.99 today
kn95 everyday use masks shutterstock 1727118313 resize

With the pandemic still raging on and fall just around the corner, now's the time to stock up on face masks, especially as we hit flu season. If you've shopped for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before you know that masks tend to go out of stock as demand increases. They also tend to run more expensive when that happens. Dallas-based company Well Before (formerly Honest PPE Supply) hopes to alleviate that problem by selling its KN95 masks for only $0.99 apiece, with a minimum order of at least 20 masks, when coupon code THEFIRSTDOLLARKN95 is entered at checkout. These are clearly the best prices we've ever seen for face masks in a while so get the K95-Everyday Use mask now for just $0.99.
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This affordable face mask comes with layers of non-woven fabric. The fabric is gentle on your skin and extremely breathable, making it perfect for running errands or having a socially distanced event with your friends. This KN95 mask also features ear loops that help keep your mask in place and keep you from fidgeting with the multiple sets of ties used by other masks. You'll also have dual protection. With regular disposable 3-ply masks, the people around you are protected because the air you exhale moves through three filters before entering the atmosphere. But because of gaps in the mask's fit the air you take in isn't really filtered, exposing you to airborne particles. The KN95-Everyday Use mask keeps the wearer in mind by being more airtight than other masks.


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Here’s where to buy N95 face masks with 3-day shipping
n95 respirator masks with 3 day shipping

With officials now advising that you should wear a face mask, especially when you cannot social distance, and numerous states making it mandatory to wear face coverings in public, all in a bid to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important that you have face masks ready for any trip outdoors. Right now, you can buy a 40-pack of N95 respirator masks at N95MaskCo for $349, saving you any concerns for a while. Even better, there's 3-day shipping so you'll have them pretty fast.

The cup style N95 respirator masks are NIOSH-approved, meaning they meet industry standards for face masks. They'll block out at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles, ensuring you're as safe as possible when out and about. If you're still learning about face masks and their accreditation, NIOSH stands for the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the agency knows its stuff when it comes to understanding how to protect your respiratory system.

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