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Hurry! These KN95 face masks are on sale for only $0.99 today


With the pandemic still raging on and fall just around the corner, now’s the time to stock up on face masks, especially as we hit flu season. If you’ve shopped for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before you know that masks tend to go out of stock as demand increases. They also tend to run more expensive when that happens. Dallas-based company Well Before (formerly Honest PPE Supply) hopes to alleviate that problem by selling its KN95 masks for only $0.99 apiece, with a minimum order of at least 20 masks, when coupon code THEFIRSTDOLLARKN95 is entered at checkout. These are clearly the best prices we’ve ever seen for face masks in a while so get the K95-Everyday Use mask now for just $0.99.

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This affordable face mask comes with layers of non-woven fabric. The fabric is gentle on your skin and extremely breathable, making it perfect for running errands or having a socially distanced event with your friends. This KN95 mask also features ear loops that help keep your mask in place and keep you from fidgeting with the multiple sets of ties used by other masks. You’ll also have dual protection. With regular disposable 3-ply masks, the people around you are protected because the air you exhale moves through three filters before entering the atmosphere. But because of gaps in the mask’s fit the air you take in isn’t really filtered, exposing you to airborne particles. The KN95-Everyday Use mask keeps the wearer in mind by being more airtight than other masks.


This mask can also be used if you’re sensitive to pollen or have dust-related allergies. Be sure to remember though that it shouldn’t be used for protection in toxic environments. It’s also not intended to be used as a medical mask and is advertised as civilian use only. It’s also important to remember that these masks are disposable, so don’t try to wash them and then use them again the next day.

Get the KN96 Everyday Use mask now for only $0.99 apiece — usually priced at $5. You’ll have to order a minimum of at least 20 masks for this discount to apply. But even with a 20-pack you only stand to spend about $19.80. You can also place bulk orders if you need to — Well Before reports it has a large supply of these masks. Even so, we think it’s a better idea to purchase these masks as soon as you can before they manage to run out of stock. Remember: You need to enter coupon code THEFIRSTDOLLARKN95 at checkout to receive the discount.

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