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These face shields are lightweight, reusable, and only cost $3

Face coverings are becoming de rigueur. We’re seeing them everywhere and not just as optional PPE — often they’re required. The surgical and cotton masks being sold by everyone from pharmacies to high fashion brands don’t work for every person. They are often more focused on protecting others than the wearer. Thankfully, more foolproof protection is available in the form of the TPE Face Shield, currently available for only $3 each at Well Before (formerly Honest PPE Supply), with a minimum order of two for $6.

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Well Before has earned a trusted reputation for their PPE equipment — like hand sanitizer and KN95 masks — which is important when we note the abundance of scams on such equipment available right now. The face shields Well Before is selling have been specifically engineered to protect you from all the germ carriers, whether they be spray, droplets, splatter, oil, dust, or smoke. The face shields are maximized for the utmost visibility as well. The 0.3mm plastic with which these face shields are made provides 180-degree protection, creating a veritable blockade for germs to have to work around if they want access to your face. And for those of us who wear glasses, the anti-static and anti-fog features will come as a relief.

Another important factor is that these face shields are TPE durable, which means they can stand up to high and low temperatures. They’re also non-toxic for humans, which provides great relief when it’s a piece of plastic close to your face. Despite their low price, these face shields are reusable. You can clean them with the same hand sanitizer you use when you walk into, or out of, a store. Moreover, they’re recyclable, so when it comes time to replace yours, you can do so with a clean conscience. And they ship from Texas, so you don’t have to worry about backorders or delays. How’s that for peace of mind?


The extra length and width (29mm by 25.2mm) of the clear, ergonomic design not only protects you, but makes sure you have an uninterrupted field of vision, which is essential whether you’re trying to complete your workday or just strolling in town. And the flexible sponge for comfort along the headband makes these easy to wear so you can be worry-free, and discomfort free, for hours and hours. Well Before has made sure the elastic band is adjustable to you, so that, while it stays in place, it can also work with you to keep you safe and feeling at ease throughout the day.

Reliable PPE equipment is becoming the order of the day, and it is comforting to know that you’re investing in a face shield that will not only protect those around you but will protect you from potentially incoming germs. Currently, Well Before is offering its TPE Face Shield for $3 each, with a minimum order of two for $6.

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