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These KN95 masks are in stock and cost just $3

Unfortunately, with face masks in such high demand, we’ve seen our fair share of masks at prices which seem a little inflated — and worse yet, way too many scams. But that’s not the case with Texas-based Well Before (formerly Honest PPE Supply); the company currently has KN95 masks in stock and is selling them for just $3 apiece.

That’s a fraction of the price we’ve seen elsewhere — some charge as much as $10 per mask. While these are not the same masks as preferred in a healthcare setting (that’s an N95 mask), they offer similar protection — filtering out about 95% of contaminants. And, these KN95 masks are FDA and CE registered. If you’re not concerned about FDA’s approval, Well Before sells these uncertified KN95 masks even cheaper at $2.20 apiece.

The smallest quantity available is a set of 10 for just $30, but the price is the same whether you buy just 10 or 1,000 — which is nice. Well Before says it can also do bulk orders of thousands of masks — for order that large, contact them directly for special pricing.

KN95 Masks

Well Before says the masks ship from Texas in about 24 hours, and you can choose a variety of shipping options. For us, first-class mail shipping for 10 masks would get delivered to Pennsylvania in three days; however for $28, Priority Mail Express would get it there in just a day.

Of course, shipping costs increase as you order more, but discounts on bulk orders can offset that.

While the KN95 masks offer the most protection, many still opt for the cheaper surgical 3-ply masks. Well Before has those available for only $0.60 apiece when you buy 50 or more. They also have available stock in face shields and even hand sanitizers. As of the time we wrote this, everything was still in stock.

As with any mask deal, you’ll want to act quickly as availability can be sporadic — and also work with reputable companies. We’ve verified that this is a legit site, so we’ve taken care of the research for you. While it appears that Well Before has sufficient supply to help as many people as possible, if you need masks, take advantage of this deal as soon as you can before items are out of stock.

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