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The Illy Y5 with Amazon Dash will make sure you never run out of coffee again

illy y5 espresso coffee
If there’s anything worse than starting your morning without coffee, we don’t want to know about it. But with the new espresso and coffee system from Illy, you won’t have to brave a day without your daily cup of Joe. At CES 2018, the Italian coffee company debuted a new connected version of its Y5 single-serve espresso and coffee system. By integrating the Amazon Dash Replenishment System (DRS), this smart coffee maker ensures that you’re never unpleasantly surprised by the lack of caffeine in your morning routine.

Thanks to Illy’s new companion My Illy Machine app (available for download on both Android and Apple iOS), you can manage your Y5 DRS system no matter where in the world you are. You can decide when to start brewing your coffee or espresso in the morning, afternoon, or evening, as well as set daily brewing schedules so you can just set the machine once and forget about it. Plus, the app helps you customize cup volume and temperature. Most importantly, however, the DRS system keeps tabs on your capsule usage, and will automatically order replacements from Amazon when your stock is running low.

“Our new Illy Y5 DRS system and app work seamlessly to empower coffee connoisseurs to enjoy all that Illy has to offer, and automatically reorder capsules with Dash Replenishment,” said Barry Sheldon, president and COO of Illy North America. “The potent combination of remote operation, custom-tailored coffee and espresso options, and simple capsule reordering through Dash Replenishment means loving every cup without the worry of ever running out.”

All of Illy capsules are powered by Iperespresso, described as a technological innovation that was developed for espresso and drip coffee brewing by the folks at the Illycaffè Research & Innovation labs in Trieste, Italy. For enhanced flavor and taste, in each Iperespresso capsule, coffee is extracted first through an infusion phase, then in an emulsion phase. This promises “optimal extraction of the coffee’s aromas, creating espresso with a smooth, full-bodied aroma and a rich, velvety, long-lasting crema,” Illy claims. Plus, with these Iperespresso capsules, no coffee will ever come in contact with the actual coffee machine, which makes cleanup a breeze.

The Illy Y5 DRS coffee and espresso system is available in either black or white, and can be purchased from Amazon for $299. Illy Iperespresso and drip coffee capsules will set you back $19 for a 21-count tin of espresso capsules, or $16.50 for an 18-count cube pack of drip capsules in medium roast, dark roast, and decaffeinated varieties.

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