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The CoolHead helmet aims to keep cyclists comfy and protected in the heat

CoolHead: Cooling cycling helmets for hot cyclists (2018)

Keeping a cool head is always a priority, but never more so than when cycling. Luckily, there’s a new helmet to help you do just that, keeping you cool on the road (though you’ll be responsible for what happens off of it). Meet the CoolHead cycling helmet, designed to reduce your body temperature in your most crucial body part — your brain. But not only does this helmet ensure that you don’t become overheated, it also promises top-notch head protection.

Even the most experienced cyclists are not immune to the effects of the sun and hot weather. Even if you’re flying down the pavement at breakneck speeds, your arms and legs may enjoy the cooling effect of your self-created wind, but your head doesn’t reap quite the same benefits. And in the summer months, your entire body can quickly feel overheated. Indeed, the CoolHead team notes, when the temperature begins to rise above 82 degrees Fahrenheit, the body begins experiencing cramps and exhaustion. And if your body temperature reaches 104 F, vulnerable nerve cells located in the brain may take a hit.

But this is where CoolHead comes in. The helmet’s unique design requires just a “small amount” of cold water in order to reduce your body heat by up to 20 degrees. What’s more, the helmet promises to keep your body at that more optimal temperature for hours on end, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors.

“I’ve faced many race and training days alike when temperatures have reached dangerous highs, putting myself and other riders at risk,” stated Sergejs Zelinskis, founder of CoolHead. “After years of being driven inside to train or risking my health in high temperatures, I set out to develop a helmet that would solve this problem once and for all.”

The helmet relies upon a high-grade, extra thick PVA with evaporative technology, and its all white color claims to reduce heat absorption. The CoolHead also comes with an optical shield with a magnetic attachment, as well as wind tunnel aided design, cooling comfort padding, and a slimline buckle that can be removed or flipped inside the helmet when not in use. Moreover, the CoolHead boasts aerodynamic design for better airflow, and weighs in at just 10 ounces.

Already, the CoolHead has received a number of safety certifications, including EN166, EN170, and EN1078, so you can rest assured that you’re not only being cooled, but being protected, too.

The helmet is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding for manufacturing, and is close to its $3,240 goal.

“When we reach our Kickstarter campaign fundraising goal, all CoolHead helmets will be manufactured in Miami, Florida, assuring top quality production,” Zelinskis noted. “Those who back us early will be able to receive these industry-leading helmets at 33 percent off their retail value.”

You can back CoolHead now for the early bird price of $99, with shipment anticipated in June.

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