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Keep tabs on all your pinots and merlots with the Caveasy One, a smart wine rack

Caveasy One

Who says you can’t have your wine and drink it too? Certainly not the folks behind the Caveasy One, the connected wine rack that comes with a companion app to enhance your drinking experience. Promising an “intelligent storage and management system” for your wine collection, the Caveasy One gives wine connoisseurs and collectors an easy way to keep up with their ever-expanding inventory. Because there’s nothing worse in the world than having good wine go to waste.

Anytime you find a new bottle of wine to add to your wine rack, simply take a photo of it using the companion app. From there, Caveasy One will keep track of that particular wine on its connected shelves. That means you’ll never forget what bottle of wine you placed where — the smart rack will ensure that you can keep track of your inventory anytime, from anywhere.

When looking for a specific bottle, simply search it in your app, and a light will come on in the shelf to show you where you last placed it. When you remove the bottle, the smart app automatically deletes it from your collection so you always have the most up-to-date version of your inventory.

But Caveasy is useful for much more than simply storage. The smart rack also tells you the optimal aging time for each bottle. Rather than allowing bottles to languish until they’ve turned to vinegar (or letting you open a bottle too early), this connected system will alert you when a bottle is primed for drinking. The companion app also provides suggestions for meals and desserts that go well with a particular bottle. The goal, the Caveasy team notes, is to help customers “increase their knowledge about wine and the varied ways it can be paired.”

Finally, the Caveasy One helps to monitor the temperature and humidity of its storage environment, so even though it’s not a wine cooler itself, it can help you ensure that you’re keeping your wines in the ideal conditions. The Caveasy One is in fact meant to be stored in wet, cool places (like a wine cellar). But even without one, you can take advantage of its smart capabilities.

Each Caveasy One tray can hold up to five bottles, and 256 trays can be connected to one another, giving Caveasy One a total maximum storage capacity of 1,280 bottlesin its most basic version. The 10-tray version, which holds up to 50 bottles, is slated to be delivered to customers in June 2018, and will cost $532.

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