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TaylorMade and Blast Motion team up for the Spider Interactive Putter

Playing mini-golf likely won’t improve your putting game by much, but the TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter might do the trick. The newest putter from golf experts TaylorMade, the Spider Interactive is the product of a partnership with motion-tracking company Blast Motion, and combines modern technology with classic putting design.

Using both Blast Motion sensors and a companion app, this short stick seeks to help golfers who need just a little bit of extra coaching on their green game. This putter automatically captures key metrics like backstroke time, forward stroke time, tempo, speed, and face rotation, and then presents all this information in a user friendly interface on your smartphone. And in addition to giving you data, it also gives actionable insights so that you can learn from your mistakes and (hopefully) improve.

“When two industry leaders partner to combine innovative technology, and deliver a new user experience, it tends to set change in motion,” Michael Fitzpatrick, Blast Motion CEO and co-founder, said in a press release. “We’ve created a powerful putting solution that analyzes a golfer’s putting stroke to provide improvement insights and help them understand how to progress through a guided improvement journey.”

Aside from its technical aspects, the body of the putter is the same Spider that has proven popular among amateur and professional golfers alike. Indeed, it’s frequently used on the PGA Tour and the best-selling putter in the TaylorMade family. It features a 304 stainless steel frame, lightweight aluminum body, and a milled aluminum Pure Roll insert. Like a non sensor-embedded Spider, this putter comes with an L-neck or double bend hosel, as well as a storage pouch. Of course, it also has a charging pad so you can keep up with its technological aspects, too. And don’t worry — despite the inclusion of the sensors in this new age golf club, the weight apparently has a “negligible impact on stroke mechanics.”

“TaylorMade is dedicated to enhancing the performance of golfers at all levels, from our Tour players to consumers alike,” TaylorMade Golf Company CEO David Abeles said. “We accomplish this through creating the most innovative, paradigm-shifting products in the industry. We are continually searching for new ways to enrich the golfers’ experience with an eye toward the future of equipment technology. As such, we are delighted to partner with Blast to create an interactive training tool that enables golfers to become smarter about their game.”

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