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android auto review version 1502315865 system press

Finding a parking space is as easy as talking with SpotHero and Android Auto

Parking is as easy as talking now that SpotHero has debuted voice-activated, in-car parking reservations by way of Google Assistant in Android Auto.

Managing Type 2 diabetes gets easier thanks to UnitedHealthcare and Dexcom

UnitedHealthcare and DexCom are now working together on a new pilot to help folks with Type 2 diabetes manage their condition.
drone little ripper

A hero drone manages to rescue two teenage swimmers in choppy surf

A drone played the role of levitating lifeguard and saved two swimmers who were struggling against heavy surf.
adidas futurecraft 4d digital light synthesis 4d1

Adidas’ light-chiseled Futurecraft 4D shoe goes on sale January 18

Adidas' Futurecraft 4D is finally making its public debut with a limited release in New York beginning on January 18.
elby e bike 1

Elby could be the ebike that solves your commuting conundrums

The Elby will make getting to work (or just about anywhere else) so fun that you may actually enjoy the journey more than the destination. 
Apple Logo

Apple is paying the $16 billion in back taxes it owes in Ireland

After a lengthy and contentious debate that has raged on since the summer of 2016, Apple is finally settling its debt in Ireland.
phyn plus water monitoring hero pex

Phyn Plus promises to be the smartest water-monitoring system on the market

At CES 2018, Phyn introduced Phyn Plus, an intelligent water monitoring system that promises to protect families and homes from leak damage. 
An airplane coming into land.

See if airlines owe you money from up to 3 years ago with AirHelp’s new tool

AirHelp is now launching a new tool that will help you travel back in time -- that is, with regard to airline payback.
apple economy 350 billion investment workers in dallas factory 01172018

With a $350 billion contribution to the U.S. economy, Apple plays the patriot

Apple announced a series of new initiatives to demonstrate its commitment to supporting the U.S. economy to the tune of $350 billion.
Unit Surf Pool

No coastline? No problem with the eco-friendly floating Unit Surf Pool

Meet the Unit Surf Pool, a new wave pool in Lagenfeld, Germany that claims to be the world's first floating wave pool.

Use artificial intelligence to freshen your room with the Noso diffuser

A new digital artificially intelligent diffuser, the Noso made its debut at CES 2018, and promises to bring essential oils to your home.
h2know smart water meter conservation labs

The H2Know smart water meter costs $65, but could save you up to $250

Meet the H2Know, a new water (and money) saving solution from Conservation Labs that will set you back $65 on Indiegogo.
lyft 2017 economic impact 2

Lyft capitalizes on Uber’s no good, very bad year, reports a stellar 2017

As Uber went low in 2017, Lyft managed to go high, and recently, the company unveiled what it calls its 2017 Economic Impact report.
BMW Parkmobile

With its acquisition of Parkmobile, BMW looks to help you find a parking spot

BMW Group announced the acquisition of Parkmobile, an app that helps folks in North Anerica look for parking space.

Turn your baby’s crib into a sleep laboratory with the Nanit baby monitor

Even infants are now reaping the benefits of technology - meet Nanit, the first camera that measures sleep behavior and patterns.
airbnb niido header

Don’t want to pay for your rental before your vacation? Airbnb can help

Airbnb has introduced a new way for you to pay for your upcoming rentals by not paying in full. It's aptly named Pay Less Up Front.

Hutch can help you redesign your home, and the CEO is here to prove it

This Hollywood CEO isn't just talking the talk about their interior design app Hutch -- she's now walking the walk, too.
fender american original series amoriginal raphael saadiq lifestyle 8052 b w

Fender’s American Original Series marries classic guitars with modern tech

Fender has found a way to bridge the gap between nostalgia and new technology with its new American Original Series.

The Wash Tower is a stand-alone bidet for the 21st-century bathroom

Here to help keep you clean is the Wash Tower, a stand-alone bidet that will go wherever you want (or need) to go.
ford ev free charging incentive for employees could help improve technology infrastructure 2014 focus front 1

The future may be electric, and Ford is pledging $11 billion to make it happen

Ford announced plans to seriously up the ante on its investments in electric vehicles, pledging $11 billion by 2022.

Voyage finds the perfect place to test autonomous cars — a retirement village

The golden years are looking brighter than ever now that self-driving cars are involved. Voyage is testing autonomous cars in The Village.

The GroBox One lets your indoor garden grow, no green thumb needed

Whether you're looking to grow herbs for your dinner or herbs for a different purpose altogether, the GroBox One can help.
TiVo Next Gen Platform

If TiVo wasn’t already simple enough, you can now control it with your voice

At CES 2018, we learned that you'll soon have the ability to control your TiVo through either Amazon Eco or Google Home.
amsterdam caps airbnb host nights watervilla de omval g

Looking for an Airbnb in Amsterdam? Hosts are only allowed 30 nights per year

Lawmakers in Amsterdam have decided to reduce the number of nights hosts are able to rent out their homes to just 30 per year.
honeywell smart home security system 00 10 02 still052

Honeywell Smart Home Security System combines four devices into just one

Jay Ramachandran, Honeywell's global product marketing leader, spoke to us about the Smart Home Security System at CES 2018.

Need some high-tech to keep tabs on a high-fashion bag? Louis Vuitton can help

As suggested by a new smartphone app and an FCC filing, Louis Vuitton could be on its way to making a luggage tracking device. 
nasa water mars north polar ice cap

Water is not only available on Mars, it’s easily accessible, NASA finds

There is water on Mars and it's easily accessible. Future missions to the planet would be able to attain drinking water and make rocket fuel.

Waymo returns home to San Francisco, where its self-driving tests first began

Waymo is finally bringing its autonomous vehicle technology back to the place it all began -- San Francisco.
General Motors Cruise autonomous car design without steering wheel.

Forget 10 and 2: The GM Cruise AV doesn’t have a steering wheel

What's the difference between a car and a chair? In the future, not much, if General Motors has its way. Meet the Cruise AV.
Electra Meccanica Solo

EV for one, please. Electra Meccanica Solo gets you off gas for $15,500

Meet the Electra Meccanica Solo, an electric vehicle for the 21st century that holds only you, yourself, and your lonesome.
Andreas Vural Yevo Labs 1 booth interview CES 2018

Made with metal from illegal firerms, Yevo 1 headphones aim to curb gun violence

Humanium Metal and Yevo are partnering to create the first product to ever be created from metal melted down from illegal firearms.
eu rules uber more than app elevate 2

After underpaying its New York drivers for years, Uber settles for $3 million

Uber will pay up to $3 million as a settlement for a proposed class-action lawsuit from drivers who claimed that Uber was underpaying them.
Sandman Doppler

The Sandman Doppler is much more than an alarm clock — it’s a smart home hub

Your bedside alarm clock no longer has to be the bane of your existence, at least not if that clock is the Sandman Doppler.
history of virtual reality daydream vr

Watch 2018 Winter Olympics events in virtual reality thanks to NBC and Intel

Just because you can't make it to South Korea doesn't mean you can't make your Winter Olympics dreams a reality -- a virtual reality.