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Use artificial intelligence to freshen your room with the Noso diffuser

You can scarf down an entire bar of chocolate or treat yourself to a whole tub of ice cream, but for a healthier approach to winding down after a stressful day, you may want to consider the Noso. A new digital artificially intelligent diffuser, the Noso made its debut at CES, and promises to help enliven your home with organic essential oils and natural extracts. So whether you’re looking to relieve stress and anxiety or start your day with a bit of energy, the Noso can help.

Helping to rid your home of traditional chemical-based air fresheners, the Noso only uses natural scents and oils, leveraging the powers of aromatherapy to potentially improve your health or mood. And to make it even easier to use, the Noso can be controlled with a mobile app, or simpler still, with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Of course, if you’d rather the Noso do all the work itself, you can also set the smart diffuser to automatic control. This may be best for folks who aren’t so sure exactly what mixes of oils they need, or what scent will be most soothing for them.

“Inventing Noso’s scent diffusion technology, first of all, we wanted to make organic essential oils affordable in use, and to provide people an opportunity to enjoy natural fragrances,” said Vlad Tkachenko, Noso’s founder. He added that the smart home appliance also uses the “automatic blending of scents, changing the spraying frequency and its sequence with A.I.” so that even aromatherapy novices can enjoy its benefits.

The diffuser can use up to five unique oil refills to create individualized scents based on your preferences. And in using the app, you can quickly adjust the intensity and mix of scent.

It’s unclear as of now exactly when the Noso Smart Diffuser will become widely available. The Kickstarter campaign for the device is slated to begin at the end of February 2018, and at that time pre-orders will be up for grabs beginning at $99. Once the Noso hits retail shelves, its price is expected to stand at $149. We’ll let you know once we learn more about the widespread availability date of the diffuser.

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