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Best Office Chair Deals: Improve your posture from $52

If you’re reading this at a desktop computer, there’s a large chance you’re sitting on an office chair right now. Even from home, unless you’re using a gaming chair as your main computer chair, you’re likely in an office chair. In other words, these things get a lot of use. Whether you’re sitting for after hours browsing or crunch time overwork, the humble office chair gets worn down at the same rate. Seriously, look down at yours right now if you’re at it. What you see might be an eye opener. If so, you’re in the right spot. We’ve found some fantastic office chairs, from Flash Furniture and a couple of other brands, offered at great rates so you can go back to sitting on — not thinking about — your office chair.

SmileMart Adjustable Midback Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair — $52, was $63

The Smile Mart Adjustable Midback Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in an office.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This is a basic office chair that provides comfort and supports most bodies. The back is designed with a mesh that is both comfortable and breathable, perfect even for the summer. While this offering from SmileMart is suitable for the solo worker, it is also the perfect chair to buy multiple of and fill a cooperative work or office room space with, as it has silent-style nylon wheels. Adjustability comes in the form of seat height, where it can go from 18 to 22 inches off the ground, and tilting about the center. This chair supports bodies up to 264.6 pounds and provides lumbar support.

SmileMart Adjustable Tufted Velvet Office Chair — $74, was $83

A pair of SmileMart Adjustable Tufted Velvet Office Chairs in a feminine office environment.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Part couch, part office chair, part fashion statement, the SmileMart Adjustable Tufted Velvet Office Chair has a classic barrel back design with vertical notching for a classic look. Its fully surrounding plush backrest allows you to slouch and think a bit. You can also use one of the best phone chargers through the small slits on the side and keep your phone (or tablet!) by your side and have a cozy scrolling session while curled up in your chair during break moments. Overall, this is the perfect office chair to bring a bit of cozy comfort and feminine charm to your home office. The SmileMart Adjustable Tufted Velvet Office Chair fits bodies up to 300 pounds.

Flash Furniture’s Flash Fundamentals Contemporary Mesh Swivel Task Chair — $78, was $90

The Flash Fundamentals Task Chair in an inviting position.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This offering from Flash Furniture clearly states that it is task chair and not your typical office chair. Not familiar with the lingo? Task chairs are a subset of office chairs that are made to… well, do tasks in. The thinking goes that office chairs are used primarily for sitting and looking at screens, then doing occasional fits of typing and clicking. The Flash Fundamentals Task Chair, and other task chairs like it, are made for more activity than normal. How does Flash Furniture give you this? It emphasizes quick twists in the 360-degree swivel and a smaller horizontal profile so you can move about with ease through multiple task stations or with multiple workers present. And, of course, there’s the nice mesh backing to keep you from getting overheated while doing everything. Try it out for yourself via the button below to see if a task chair is for you.

Serta Air Lumbar Bonded Leather Manager Office Chair — $107, was $119

The Serta Air Lumbar Bonded Leather Manager Office Chair at a 45-degree angle from the front view.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

When you work from home, you are the manager. Feel like it with this managerial-style chair you’ve seen in offices and teacher’s lounges your whole life. The Serta Air Lumbar Bonded Leather Manager Office Chair is filled with memory foam to get the perfect fit for you over time. Its provided lumbar support moves and changes with the body and tilt of the chair. This tilt also comes with tension controls, which allows you to set the difficulty of chair movement for that just right feel. A couple of particularly nice features for the modern work from home worker are the rear pouch for storage and the headphone loop. This means that you can keep your noise-canceling headphones at arm’s length for all day support during your phases of deep work or that playful hour after the kids get home on short days at school. The Serta Air Lumbar Bonded Leather Manager Office Chair supports bodies up to 275 pounds.

Insignia Essential PC Gaming Chair — $119, was $180

The black version of the Insignia Essential PC Gaming Chair.

Technically belonging amongst the best gaming chair deals, we found that the Insignia Essential PC Gaming Chair suited the office environment (and especially the home office environment) too well to not include it here as well. It has a peppier look than the average office chair, with energetic lines and surfaces throughout. It comes highly recommended if your gaming PC is also your work PC, a situation that is pretty common in the current year. The Insignia Essential PC Gaming Chair supports bodies up to 275 pounds.

Flash Furniture’s Kelista Contemporary Mesh Executive Swivel Office Chair — $132, was $180

The Flash Furniture - Kelista Contemporary Mesh Executive Swivel Office Chair - Black in an inviting position.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Want to feel like the boss for a change? Of course you do! Flash Furniture’s Kelista Executive Office Chair gives you the executive style, which is exemplified by the comfy extended headrest. There’s a comfortable padded seat and meshing backing that includes the headrest, great for keeping your head comfortable when reclining without giving you a sweaty neck. The height adjustment for the Kelista Executive Office Chair ranges from 18.75-inches off the floor to 22.5-inches. Finally, this version of the chair gives the option for swing up the chair’s arms, allowing for easy escape when you have the desire to hop out of your chair in a hurry. Being able to lift up the arms will also allow you to position your elbows however you like, which can be particularly useful if you do a lot of work on one of the best iPads. Tap the button below to see if this regal look is for you.

Alera Elusion Series — $140, was $200

A slightly off-front view of the Alera Elusion Series office chair.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Alera Elusion Series is an office chair that provides intense bottom cushioning alongside a highly breathable backside. The arms, in particular, are nice as they adjustable for both height and horizontally closer or further away from you. They even have soft polyurethane pads for the best possible comfort. In addition to being breathable, the back is height adjustable in a manner that is meant to provide quality lumbar support. The Alera Elusion Series is built with long-lasting quality in mind as it comes with a 5-year warranty. This office chair is meant to support bodies up to 275 pounds.

Serta Conner Upholstered Executive High-Back Office Chair — $206, was $260

The Serta - Connor Upholstered Executive High-Back Office Chair at a slightly tilted angle from the front.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you want a truly high-quality chair with bonded leather, check out the Serta Connor Upholstered Executive High-Back Office Chair. It features plush cushions and layered body pillows to give you maximum comfort. While it won’t make overwork or a sedentary lifestyle any healthier, the designers also know you work hard, so it is designed this office chair with long periods of sitting in mind. In other words, these cushions are designed for some serious butt-in-seat time. Beyond comfort, the design of the seat is very modern, going beyond the black leather of the past to a more modern brown leather look that exceeds expectations. The Serta Connor Upholstered Executive High-Back Office Chair is suitable for bodies up to 250 pounds.

How to choose an office chair

Wherever you work, gearing up your workspace with the best office chair is a significant move. The right chair can make all the difference, not just in your productivity but also in your overall health and well-being. If you’re going to sit for nearly 40 hours a week, or more, make sure that your chair offers maximum support and comfort.

Look for a chair with adjustable seat height and backrest for optimal comfort. Height-adjustable chairs let you position your thighs paralleled to the floor, usually with a pneumatic lever that can be adjusted to bring the seat lower or higher. Chairs with an adjustable backrest, on the other hand, will give you the benefit of being able to move forward or backward in a way that will suit your task. There should be a locking mechanism in place so the back does not suddenly tilt backward. Also, make sure that the chair seat is wide and deep enough for you to sit comfortably.

An office chair with good lumbar support for your lower back is a worthwhile investment. The backrest is contoured or shaped to match the natural form of your spine to support your back in a position that is a bit arched, so you don’t slump as the day progresses. This will minimize compression or strain on the lumbar discs in your spine. If you want to eliminate strain on your neck and shoulders, then go for a chair with armrests. Adjustable armrests are beneficial since you can set them in whichever way that will support your arms more comfortably. You can also choose to go all-in on relaxation with an office chair that has a built-in footrest.

Chair composition is an important factor as well. Breathable materials like mesh or fabric allow for air circulation and ensure more comfort even in prolonged usage. Leather options are also advantageous when it comes to durability, style, comfort, and hygiene. Paddings — whether it be on the backrest, seat, or the armrests — should have just the right amount of firmness. Chair upholstery that is too hard can cause pain over time, while materials and structure that are too soft will not offer sufficient support.

There’s no point in having an ergonomic office chair if you have to strain to reach the adjustment controls. All parts of the chair should be quick to adjust and operate even from a seated position, so you can tilt and go lower or higher without too much effort. Casters and wheels that swivel can ease movement while you’re still seated. The swivel function allows you to rotate your chair to reach various spots in your work area, while smooth-rolling casters will ensure easy mobility.

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