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Best gaming chair deals: Save on Corsair, Razer, and more

In the last few years, the market for gaming chairs has really boomed, and it makes sense, given that spending hours and hours sitting on a chair can be terrible for your health. Some gaming chairs help avoid this issue by providing things such as better lumbar and back support or maybe even adding a bit of extra ventilation to help cool you down. Of course, there are a ton of options out there, and to help you figure out the best bang for your buck, we’ve collected some of our favorite gaming chair deals across various prices and features.

That said, if you’re still in the shopping phase and haven’t fully built your gaming setup yet, be sure to check out these gaming PC deals, gaming monitor deals, and gaming console deals to deck yourself out with the best stuff.

Homall Massage Gaming Chair — $80, was $170

The black version of the Homall Gaming Chair.

The Homall Massage Gaming Chair is affordable, but it will get the job done of keeping you comfortable while playing video games with its ergonomic design and high-quality PU leather materials. It’s got head and waist pillows with a massage function that sets it apart from other cheap gaming chairs. The backrest can recline between 90 degrees and 180 degrees so you can find the perfect angle, and it also has a retractable footrest for an extra sitting position.

Arozzi Mugello Special Edition Gaming Chair — $170, was $230

The Arozzi Mugello SE gaming chair against a white background.

The Arozzi Mugello gaming chair is an especially plush chair and great for those who prefer a more cushioned experience; there is even a flip-up foot or leg rest, which is perfect for kicking back and relaxing. The design of the chairs follows the more traditional sleek look of a gaming chair, but it does have a couple of vents at the top to keep you cool while also providing some lumbar support. The seat height is adjustable, as is the tilt, of course, and the Arozzi Mugello gaming chair can handle up to 250 pounds, which isn’t as much as some other option but is still pretty good.

Next Level Racing GT Lite Foldable Simulator Cockpit — $210, was $230

Next Level Racing GT Lite Foldable Simulator Cockpit
Next Level Racing

While not the traditional gaming chair that you may see with other parts of this list, the Next Level Racing foldable racing chair is actually pretty interesting and a great budget choice if you want to bring your game to the next level. It can handle most big brands of wheels and pedals, and it has specific holes for Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec, all of which are some of the most popular out there, so it probably covers what you have. There is also a gear shifter stand which can actually be put on either the right or left side, something that’s pretty rare for budget options, so it’s nice to see here.

X Rocker G-Force — $214, was $411

X Rocker G-Force
X Rocker

The X Rocker G-Force Gaming Chair not only helps you stay comfortable with its ergonomic design that features lumbar support, an adjustable headrest, and cushioned armrests, but it also elevates the gaming experience with its built-in surround sound system with a subwoofer so you’ll always feel like you’re in the middle of the action. Of course, it’s worth considering that the speakers are facing sideways, so it won’t be the perfect experience, but if you want ambient sound, it’s an excellent option. The gaming chair also offers RGB lighting for a stylish way of playing your favorite video games.

X Rocker Evo Elite with 4.1 Surround Sound System — $420, was $500

The X Rocker Evo Elite 4.1 Gaming Chair on a white background.
X Rocker

The X Rocker Evo Elite is a bit unique in that it’s made to be seated lower than your average gaming chair, so it’s not meant to be used with a desk, but directly plopped down in front of a TV or monitor that’s sitting low to the ground. As such, this is one of the few gaming chairs out there that’s targeted towards console players, and it’s quite a premium option at that, with a 4.1 surround sound system, although it is worth noting the speakers are pointing outwards. Nonetheless, it does feature in-seat audio controls and jacks for a headphone, although to take advantage of that, you do need to wire the chair directly.

Next Level Racing Elite Gaming Leather Chair — $316, was $400

Next Level Racing Elite Gaming Leather Chair
Next Level Racing

If you’d like a nicer gaming chair made of leather and don’t want to spend a ton of money, the Next Level Racing Elite chair is a perfect mid-range option with a few features to boot. For example, it has a 135-degree incline and can handle a very impressive 308 pounds, so it’s perfect for those who are a bit on the bigger side. Another big plus is that the armrests are movable in several directions, meaning you can move them up or down, left or right, and in or out, which is great for those who struggle with armrests that eat into a waist, or are too low and uncomfortable to rest on for long periods.

AKRacing California Series XS Gaming Chair — $429, was $469

The AKRacing California Series XS Gaming Chair on a white background.

The AKRacing California Series XS Gaming Chair is made out of premium-quality automotive-grade polyurethane leather upholstery that will look great for years, and it features an adjustable backrest with an up to 180-degree recline, along with head and lumbar support cushions. The ergonomic racing-style seat will support your upper legs to prevent straining, and its 3D adjustable armrests will make sure that your arms and hands will be in a comfortable position.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair — $600, was $650

Razer - Iskur Gaming Chair.

The Razer Iskur gaming chair doesn’t hold back in making sure that you’ll be at your most comfortable while you’re sitting on it, as it comes with a fully-sculpted lumbar support that won’t shift over time, multi-layered synthetic leather that’s tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of hours of daily use, and high-density foam cushions that provide both support and comfort. The Razer Iskur gaming chair’s armrests can be adjusted in four directions, and its memory foam head cushion molds to the shape of your head. This chair is $50 cheaper on Razr’s website than on Amazon, so it’s a good opportunity to grab it while it’s priced less

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