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Best monitor deals: Gaming, office, curved, OLED and more

Whether you’re grabbing yourself one of these desktop computer deals or just want to upgrade to a new monitor, you’ll be happy to know that the market has really boomed in the past few years. Not only have monitors gotten cheaper, but they’re also packed with more features and specs for the same price. Also, it’s worth noting that even if you’re running a laptop, connecting a second screen can be really handy for work or even gaming, so don’t completely ignore these deals if you are using a laptop.

As such, now is a great time to pick a monitor up since even the best monitors have some sort of deal on them, including some standout Samsung monitor deals. These will pair well with gaming PC deals, especially the 4K monitors and ultrawide monitors near the bottom of this list.

Best monitor deals

A landscape image on the Samsung 28-inch ViewFinity UR55 monitor.

The following deals represent a best-of of the deals below. They’re selected to give a mixture of prices, styles, and levels of discount. If you don’t see something you like, don’t worry, as the following sections will have plenty more deals for you to choose from. However, this is a highly recommended place to start:

  • 23.8-inch Acer KA242Y Ebi —
  • 27-inch LG UltraGear —
  • 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 —
  • 28-inch Gigabyte M28U —
  • 49-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 —

Best 4K monitor deals

The Dell S2721QS with a beautiful, otherworldly display.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The 4K monitor is the gold standard for today’s monitors. While you can get a 1080p monitor cheaper, you really don’t have to with deals like these. We’re finding a lot of the best deals on LG monitors, but there are other brands represented:

  • 27-inch Dell S2721QS —
  • 32-inch Samsung ViewFinity UJ590 —
  • 32-inch Samsung M7B Series —
  • 43-inch LG Smart Monitor —
  • 27-inch Acer Nitro XV275K —
  • 32-inch Gigabyte M32U —

Best gaming monitor deals

Samsung's Odyssey Neo G7 on a desk.

The best gaming monitors are all about fast reaction times. They sport high refresh rates (measured in ‘Hz’) and quick response times, or the time that it takes to change a pixel’s color. Some gamers like curved gaming monitors for the added immersion, as well. Note that this section is reserved for average-sized gaming monitors. For ultrawide gaming monitors, continue on to the next section, which covers ultrawides. Here’s an overview of the best deals, within these constraints, that we were able to find:

  • 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 (165Hz, QHD) —
  • 34-inch HP OMEN —
  • 28-inch Gigabyte M28U (144Hz, 4K UHD) —
  • 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 (165Hz, 4K UHD) —
  • 34-inch Alienware AW3423DW —

Best ultrawide monitor deals

Kena Bridge of Spirits on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Whether you just want a ton of windows open on the same screen or need a truly immersive gaming experience, you need to check out what an ultrawide monitor can do for you. As they are so large, it should come as no surprise that ultrawides are often found amongst the best curved monitors.

  • 34-inch HP Omen —
  • 45-inch LG UltraGear QHD Curved Gaming Monitor —
  • 38-inch BenQ Curved Ultrawide Monitor —
  • 34-inch Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 —
  • 49-inch Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 —
  • 49-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 —

How to choose the right monitor

We’ve already detailed how to choose the best monitor for your needs in a very general sense. Every single factor from size to panel and backlighting type are covered in exhaustive detail.

However, if you’re looking at monitor deals and trying to make sense of what category of monitor to buy or what to zero in on, we can help you with that here. Here’s how to choose a category, above, to shop:

Shop 4K monitor deals if you have relatively average needs. As mentioned above, 4K is essentially the new standard. You should be able to get a good one for just a few hundred dollars while on sale, and there is no need to pay a ton unless they have an impressive color gamut, LED type, or other interesting feature.

Despite their name, gaming monitor deals are for everybody. While some gaming monitors have features like fps trackers and toggleable always-on aiming reticules, the main thing that sets them apart is their high refresh rates. These high refresh rates make action in games look smoother, but will also be pleasant if you like to watch action movies or sports on your computer. The best TVs also have high refresh rates for this same reason.

Ultrawide monitors are for a special type of person and aren’t quite analogous to getting a big screen TV. Sometimes getting an ultrawide can be getting too much of a good thing, especially if you can get two smaller monitors for a cheaper price. They’ll also stream in a really funky manner if you share your screen with friends. But if you are the type that wants an ultrawide, can handle the size, and wants the experience, ultrawide monitors can provide a truly immersive experience you won’t get anywhere else. This is especially true of curved ultrawide monitors, which are often curved in a way that mimics the shape of the eye, creating a cool, relaxing effect.

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