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Best Dell XPS deals: Save on Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15 and Dell XPS 17

The Dell XPS is one of our favorite laptop lines out there. XPS laptops come in tons of different options, from smaller, budget laptops that are great for students and casual users, to 17-inch behemoths that pack a ton of power. We’ve pulled out our favorite Dell XPS laptop deals below, organizing them by XPS 13, XPS 15 and XPS 17.

While the most obvious difference between models is the size of the screen, there are a few other trends you can see as the models get bigger. More room in the chassis means more room for components, so the XPS17 models tend to have more RAM and better graphics cards and CPUs than the smaller laptops. Dell also assumes that the larger laptops will be used by professionals, so the components can keep up with a higher level of processing power demands.

Below are the best deals on the Dell XPS laptop. Make sure to compare these prices against the best Dell laptop deals, as you might prefer something like an Inspiron or a gaming laptop like the G15. Then compare these to the best laptop deals in general. All of these deals come from Dell, so check out more options among Best Buy laptop deals and Walmart deals.

Best Dell XPS 13 deals

The Dell XPS 13, open on a table in front of a window.
Digital Trends

The XPS 13 is the smallest in the line. It’s great for commuters and students. These laptops don’t generally have powerful GPUs, but they’re fast, reliable and sleek.

  • XPS 13 (i5, Iris Xe, 8GB) —
  • XPS 13 (i7, Iris Xe, 16GB) —
  • XPS 13 (i7, Iris Xe, 16GB) —
  • XPS 13 2-in-1 (i7, Iris Xe, 16GB) —
  • XPS 13 (i7, Iris Xe, 32GB) —

Best Dell XPS 15 deals

Dell XPS 15 9520 front view showing display.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends / Digital Trends

The XPS 15 is a step up in size and power. You’ll get a much bigger screen than on the XPS 13, and with a bigger chassis comes more demanding components. We see Dell start pulling from Nvidia’s line of RTX GPUs, and we see a bunch more RAM getting crammed in there.

  • XPS 15 (i7, Arc A370M, 16GB) —
  • XPS 15 (i7, RTX 4050, 16GB) —
  • XPS 15 (i7, RTX 4050, 32GB) —
  • XPS 15 (i9, RTX 4060, 32GB) —
  • XPS 15 (i9, RTX 4070, 32GB) —

Best Dell XPS 17 deals

Dell XPS 17 9370 front angled view showing display and keyboard deck.
Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

If the screen size is the most important spec for your new laptop, splurge on the XPS 17. There are tons of advantages besides that, including more RAM than you’ll ever need and some RTX GPUs in 40XX range.

  • XPS 17 (i7, RTX 4050, 16GB) —
  • XPS 17 (i7, RTX 4060, 16GB) —
  • XPS 17 (i7, RTX 4070, 32GB) —
  • XPS 17 (i9, RTX 4070, 32GB) —
  • XPS 17 (i9, RTX 4080, 32GB) —

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