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Best router deals: Save on gaming routers, mesh networks

After shopping for laptop deals or gaming deals, you need to make sure that your home’s Wi-Fi network is fast enough to maximize the capabilities of your new devices. To make sure that you make the most out of your internet plan, you’ll need to invest in a good router or mesh network. There are a lot of brands and models in the market though, which will make the choice difficult. To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the best router deals that you can shop right now, but you need to decide which one to purchase as soon as you can because these prices may return to normal at any moment.

Today’s Best Router Deals

TCL Mesh Wi-Fi Router (2-Pack) — $51, was $100

The TCL Mesh Wi-Fi Router (2-pack) on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Affordable
  • Coverage of up to 2,800 sq. ft.
  • Up to 66 users at the same time
  • Easy to set up

A whole-home mesh Wi-Fi network can spread your Wi-Fi signal to cover a larger area, which is a necessity as more family members are working, studying, gaming, and streaming from home. The TCL Mesh Wi-Fi Router is an affordable option to create such a network, with a two-pack providing coverage for up to 2,800 sq. ft. and support for up to 66 users at the same time. Setting up the mesh network is effortless, and managing it is also conveniently done through the TCL WiFi app.

TP-Link Deco AC1200 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System (3-Pack) — $98, was $150

The TP-Link Deco AC1200 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System (3-Pack) on a table.

Why Buy:

  • Supports up to 100 devices
  • MU-MIMO technology prevents network slowdown
  • Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa
  • Parental control

Create a wide-ranging wireless network with this three-pack of the TP-Link Deco AC1200 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System, which supports dual-band connectivity for up to 100 devices. MU-MIMO technology gives all compatible devices a dedicated full-speed Wi-Fi connection so that they won’t slow down the network, while beamforming technology provides clearer coverage. The system is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa for convenient voice commands, and parents have the option of blocking specific content on connected devices.

Asus RT-AX82U AX5400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router — $200, was $230

The Asus RT-AX82U AX5400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Supports Wi-Fi 6
  • Mobile Game Mode for smartphones
  • Parental controls
  • Customizable lighting effects

The Asus RT-AX82U AX5400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router supports the new-generation Wi-Fi 6 standard so that you can enjoy internet speeds of up to 5400 Mbps. The router will make sure that your online gaming goes as smooth as possible, and it even has a Mobile Game Mode for lag-free gameplay on your smartphone. The router also has parental controls to help monitor everything that goes through the network through its app, and you can set the vibe with its customizable Aura RGB lighting effects.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router with Access Point — $202, was $269

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router with Access Point on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Simple installation
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Up to 3,800 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Manage your family’s internet usage

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router is the top choice in our list of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems partly because of its simple installation and setup, with an access point that comes with built-in Google Assistant that will let you use voice commands to manage your network and control your other smart home devices, among many other functions. You’ll get up to 3,800 sq. ft. of coverage, with the network capable of handling up to 200 connected devices. The system will also let you manage your family’s internet usage, including pausing connections on kids’ devices during bedtime.

Eero 6+ AX3000 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (3-Pack) — $240, was $300

The Eero 6+ AX3000 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (3-pack) on green steps.

Why Buy:

  • Up to 4,500 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds
  • TrueMesh reduces drop-offs
  • Manage network through Eero app

This three-pack of the Eero 6+ AX3000 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System provides coverage for up to 4,500 sq. ft., support for more than 75 connected devices, and gigabit Wi-Fi speeds. The brand’s patented TrueMesh technology reduces drop-offs and eliminates dead spots by intelligently routing traffic, while the Eero app will guide you through the setup process and allow you to manage your network even when you’re away from home.

Netgear Nighthawk AX2700 Router — $350, was $380

The Netgear Nighthawk AX2700 Router on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Up to 2.7 Gbps speeds
  • Protection from cyber threats and hackers
  • Easy set up
  • Manage network through Netgear Nighthawk app

The Netgear Nighthawk AX2700 Router offers six-stream dual-band Wi-Fi 6 for speeds of up to 2.7 Gbps, so you won’t have issues when you’re streaming on multiple devices. The router provides protection from cyber threats with its Netgear Armor technology, and 128-bit AES encryption with PSK prevents hackers from tapping into your network. Setting it up is easy with the help of the Netgear Nighthawk app, which will also let you manage your network from anywhere through your smartphone.

Netgear Orbi AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (2-Pack) — $400, was $450

The Netgear Orbi AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (2-pack) on a table.

Why Buy:

  • Up to 5,000 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Speeds of up to 4.2 Gbps
  • Easy setup with Orbi app
  • Netgear Armor eliminates threats

Get up to 5,000 sq. ft. of coverage with the two-pack for the Netgear Orbi AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System. Even with more than 100 devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll still be able to enjoy smooth streaming and online gaming with wireless speeds of up to 4.2 Gbps. The Orbi app enables simple setup and network management, including creating guest networks and viewing connected devices, while Netgear Armor technology will help you eliminate any threats to keep your devices and data safe.

Netgear Nighthawk AXE11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router — $518, was $600

The Netgear Nighthawk AXE11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router on a table.

Why Buy:

  • Powerful processor
  • Speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps
  • Supports for Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Protection by Netgear Armor

With support for Wi-Fi 6E technology and a powerful 1.8GHz processor, the Netgear Nighthawk AXE11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router provides internet speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps, smooth streaming, and lower latency for an ideal network when it comes to 4K streaming, online gaming, and video conferencing. MU-MIMO technology streams data to multiple devices at the same time for faster downloads, while voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant makes it more convenience to manage your network. The router also provides protection through Netgear Armor.

Router Deals FAQ

When are the best router deals?

While the above wireless router deals are the most impressive we’ve come across right now, there’s reason to believe that better discounts might pop up during big shopping events like Prime Day, as well as during major holiday sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s not uncommon to see massive markdowns on smart home tech during these shopping rushes, so it’s very likely that we’ll see even more wireless router deals during these retail blowouts.

Another thing to realize when trying to track down the best wireless router deals is that there are a lot of pretty good bargains ready for the picking right now. This is something to consider if you’re looking to expand or improve your home network sooner rather than later, meaning that you probably don’t want to wait until the next Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday sale to pull the trigger on a new wireless router to get a speedier and more efficient Wi-Fi experience.

A good rule of thumb when keeping an eye out for the best wireless router deals is that, while a better price may eventually come around later, the best deal is always the one that’s right in front of you. There’s no guarantee that Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday will bring the wireless router deal you’re waiting for or a discount on the specific wireless router you’ve had your eye on. Better to grab a great wireless router deal right now, as that’s your best bet for saving big and enjoying a faster network experience right away.

A beginner’s guide to wireless routers

There’s a lot to consider before buying a router. For instance, you really need to think about if you actually need to purchase your own router. It’s likely you already have one from your ISP so it’s important to consider if you need to upgrade. If there’s nothing wrong with your existing setup, don’t be tempted to spend extra money simply because there’s a sale on. It’s not good value for money to buy something that is unnecessary for your home.

However, if you know you need a new router, then start by checking out our list of the best wireless routers. It’s a great all-around guide to what you might want from a new router. Our favorite is Netgear’s Nighthawk RAX50 AX5400 because it packs in a lot of great features, however, it may be too feature-rich for some users. That’s why we look at many other options as well. Alongside that, if you want the latest technology, check out the best Wi-Fi 6 routers to ensure you get the fastest speeds every time. Wi-Fi 6 also offers better security and more manageability by being able to connect more devices to an access point, but not everyone needs it.

Some users may also want to consider whether they need a modem-router combo depending on how their network and internet connection is set up. Finally, if you need to improve or extend your Wi-Fi range and coverage, the best mesh Wi-Fi systems are likely to be a far better option than a standard router. With a mesh Wi-Fi system, you place a series of router-like devices around your home, extending the range so that it covers a much larger area than a single router. It can also be useful if you live somewhere with thick walls or other issues that slow the Wi-Fi down.

It’s also important to check that the router has the right number of Ethernet ports for your needs, as well as offers the speeds your home can deal with. If you don’t have a particularly fast connection or you don’t share files often across the network, though, then this may be less important to you. Features like app support can be useful too, but they’re not exactly essential for everyone. Don’t be afraid to cut back on features that you simply won’t use. While a mesh Wi-Fi set up with app support is great for a large home, it’s excessive for someone that just needs to connect two computers that are relatively nearby and in a small apartment. Only you know what you need most.

Like we said, routers span a wide range of price points. Generally, the fewer features you need, the cheaper they are, but it also makes sense to buy the most you can afford so that your network is future-proofed for a while to come, as well as more capable of streaming 4K content or coping with gaming online. It’s down to you to know how to balance things out, and whether you simply need a temporary solution or something more full-featured.

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