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The 5 best ultrawide monitors for gaming and work in 2024

If you’ve been shopping the best laptop deals and want to add some screen real estate to your new setup, or if you otherwise have a need to expand your digital workspace, you’re going to need a new monitor. The best monitors always make great options, but if you want something ultimate yet efficient when it comes to screen space, you’re going to want an ultrawide monitor. There are a lot of ultrawide monitors available, each built to be suitable for different needs and for different price points. We’ve tracked down what we feel are the best ultrawide monitors for 2024. Our selections include the best ultrawide monitor for gaming, the best ultrawide monitor for work, and the best ultrawide monitor on a budget, so read onward for more details.

The best ultrawide monitors

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  • Buy the if you want an ultrawide monitor for gaming
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  • Buy the if you want an ultrawide monitor for content creation
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Dell 34-inch S3422DWG

Best ultrawide monitor for work

Dell Curved 34-inch S3422DWG monitor.
Pros Cons
34-inch QHD display Bulky design
400 nits of brightness
Wide viewing angles

Dell is one of the most popular names in computing. It’s almost always one of the best laptop brands, and this Dell utlrawide monitor makes a good pairing with any of the best laptops. It comes in at 34-inches and QHD resolution, which is halfway between Full HD and 4K resolution. It offers a ton of screen real estate for multitasking and watching content at a price point that falls in the price range of many of the best budget monitors. We think this is the best ultrawide monitor for work because of its versatility and range of features, but with a 144Hz refresh rate it could sneak in some gaming between meetings.

Resolution QHD 1440p
Refresh rate 144Hz

ASUS 34-inch ROG Strix

Best ultrawide monitor for gaming

The ASUS ROG Strix XG349C ultrawide gaming monitor against a white background.
Pros Cons
34-inch QHD display No 4K resolution
400 nits of brightness
HDR technology
USB-C connectivity

If you’re here because you’re looking to take on some of the best PC games with a new display, the best ultrawide monitor for gaming is the ASUS ROG Strix. This 34-inch model offers a super fast 180Hz refresh that ensures your gameplay won’t be interrupted by image tearing or lag, and the display checks in at 400 nits of brightness, whicih will allow you to see the display even in bright rooms. This monitor has a USB-C hub that supports both video transmission and charging, which makes it a great monitor to pair with one of the best gaming laptops.

Resolution QHD 1440p
Refresh rate 180Hz

LG 40-inch 40WP95C-W

Best ultrawide monitor for 4K resolution

A woman using the LG UltraWide 40WP95C-W 5K monitor.
Pros Cons
40-inch curved display Only 72Hz refresh rate
HDR10 technology
Thunderbolt 4 connectivity

With ultrawide monitors 4K resolution can be a little more difficult to come by, as their expansive width doesn’t always make the appropriate dimensions for high quality 4K. The LG 40WP95C-W, however, offers both 4K resolution and screen real estate, as it comes in at 40 inches. It’s also capable of producing colors across the DCI P3 color gamut with HDR10 technology built in, so you’ll be getting a premium visual experience with this monitor. It has Thunderbolt 4 connectivity with 96-watt power delivery, making it an excellent option for pairing with both laptops and desktop computers.

Resolution 4K 2160p
Refresh rate 72Hz

ASUS 34-inch ProArt

Best ultrawide monitor for content creation

The ASUS 34-inch ProArt ultrawide monitor against a white background.
Pros Cons
34-inch QHD display Poor audio
P3 color
USB-C connectivity

ASUS’s lineup of ProArt monitors are incredibly popular among artists and other creators. They offer a great price point for a high quality image, and with this 34-inch ultrawide you’re getting the same. You’ll be getting a lot of features that are highly sought after by creatives with this ultrawide monitor, including P3 color, wide viewing angles, Calman Verified factory calibration, and USB-C connectivity with 90 watts of power delivery. It comes with a huge variety of ports, including DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB, so you should be able to connect all of your creative peripherals with no issues.

Resolution QHD 1440p
Refresh rate 120Hz

LG 29-inch 29WQ600-W

Best ultrawide monitor for a budget

The LG 29-inch 29WQ600-W ultrawide monitor against a white background.
Pros Cons
29-inch Full HD display Aging 1080p resolution
Motion blur reduction
Blue light reduction

If you’re simply looking to get into the ultrawide game and don’t have much need for the highest screen resolution or ultimate connectivity, the LG 29WQ600-W is the ultrawide for you. It’s the best ultrawide monitor for a budget, yet still has a lot to offer. It doesn’t have 4K resolution, but it still comes in at Full HD resolution, which has been the standard for nearly two decades, and will hold up awhile longer, particularly for office and school uses. The screen comes in at 29 inches, which still makes it larger than most monitors on the market, and it even has a 100Hz refresh rate, which should come in handy if you’re looking to do a little gaming on the cheap as well.

Resolution Full HD 1080p
Refresh rate 100Hz

How we chose these ultrawide monitors

From researching to writing and with some of our own hobbyist gaming adventures in between, we often find ourselves with a lot of tabs, programs, and windows open. This has given us a lot of experience using ultrawide monitors, as their general nature comes in handy for our daily computer interactions. This gives us a leg up when it comes to the terrain, and all of our selections for the best ultrawide monitors have been made utilizing that advantage.

We’ve chosen the best ultrawide monitors while considering price and our own expertise from both using and writing about utlrawide monitors, with preference given to more recent releases. Screen resolution isn’t as important in an ultrawide monitor as it might be fore some of the best monitors in general, as you’re getting a lot of screen real estate no matter the display’s pixel dimensions. But a sharp image is important, so our selections have also been made with an attempt at harmony between picture quality, refresh rate, connectivity options, and affordability.

This article is managed and created separately from the Digital Trends Editorial team.

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