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Best Xbox Game Pass deals: Upgrade to Game Pass Ultimate for cheap

Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic way to play tons of games for cheap. It’s also the only way you’ll get to play online multiplayer on your Xbox Series X or Series S. It’s fairly cheap and gets you access to a lot of content, but you can still find great Game Pass deals that will help you save some money. Below we’ve listed all the deals we could find. Right now that’s just on the Game Pass Ultimate tier, but we’ve listed out the prices and benefits of all the tiers anyway, just in case you don’t need to get the full subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Core — $10 per month

Xbox Game Pass Core's logo over a library of games.
Microsoft / Microsoft

If you have Xbox Live Gold, your subscription is about to get folded into Microsoft’s newer Game Pass system. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are about to become Game Pass Core subscriptions. In many ways it’s the same thing, and in some ways it’s better. Game Pass Core is the cheapest tier of Game Pass, but it still lets you access important features, including online multiplayer. Game Pass Core is launching with access to 36 games off the bat, and you can get exclusive discounts on certain downloadable games. The switch from Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Core will be automatic.

Xbox Game Pass Standard — $11 per month

A tv shows the new Xbox Game Pass that comes to Samsung Gaming Hub soon.
Samsung / Microsoft

For just one more dollar per month, you can upgrade to the regular Game Pass subscription. This gives you access to over 100 games instead of the 36 on Game Pass Core. Some games will go on Game Pass right when they launch, meaning you’re essentially getting free access to a brand new game (well, minus the subscription fee). There is a PC-only version that is just $10 per month. There currently aren’t any major deals, but many new games come with several free months of Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — $12, was $15 per month

Promotional art for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Game Pass Ultimate is the full version of the subscription. Ultimate has everything the Core and Standard tiers have, plus some extra goodies. You get access to both the console and PC version of Game Pass, and you can sync your saves between them. The biggest advantage is the inclusion of EA Play, which gives you access to EA’s library of games and pays for your subscription to their online service. Game Pass Ultimate also allows you to cloud stream your games.

1-month subscription — $12, was $15

3-month subscription — $33, was $45

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s new version of Xbox Live Gold. It’s a lot better than Live in many ways. Most importantly, you get access to online multiplayer on all of the plans. If you want to play co-op with your friends of compete against your enemies, you’ll have to get a Game Pass subscription. You also get something Xbox Live never gave you: free games. All of the Game Pass tiers give you access to some free games, but the better the tier, the more games you get. Game Pass Core is launching with 36 free games. The regular tier gets over 100 games, and you’ll get access to certain games the day they launch. Ultimate gets 100 games plus EA Play, which unlocks a ton more EA games. Ultimate also has some fancy features like cloud gaming and save syncing between devices.

Think of Game Pass as the video game equivalent of Netflix or Disney+. You get access to tons and tons of games for a really low price, but you’re at the mercy of whether Microsoft continues to host them or not. You won’t get any physical copies of the games. It’s still a great deal if you like to play a wide variety of games or want to try something out without dropping a full $70 on it.

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