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Hutch can help you redesign your home, and the CEO is here to prove it

This Hollywood CEO isn’t just talking the talk about her interior design app Hutch — she’s now walking the walk, too. After all, what better way to convince customers to use your product than to be its champion yourself? To prove Hutch’s mettle when it comes to designing and decorating the home of your dreams (and of course, to improve the product by some hands-on testing), Hutch co-founder and CEO Bea Fischel-Bock decided to use the app in designing their own homes. The result? A fully redone pad and a series of new Hutch design filters to help others realize their home goals, too.

The Hutch app combines 3D technology with online shopping to help you virtually decorate your home. You only need to upload a photo of your space, or choose a Hutch template that closely resembles your room. Then, use Hutch’s 3D designer tool to try on new furniture and decor. Once you have figured out what goes where, use the Hutch app to start shopping — the company promises free shipping, free returns, and a price-match guarantee. While this all sounds well and good, Fischel-Bock wanted to ensure that her product was doing everything it promised, and put it to the ultimate test in an attempt to “adultify” her West Hollywood Spanish-style bungalow.

Fischel-Bock sought to create a more feminine, elevated, but relaxed aura. By browsing Hutch’s selection of content and filters (like the Elegant Entryway or Contemporary Eclectic Family Room), and swapping out specific products, she was able to visualize various styles for her home. For example, in her bedroom, the co-founder wanted to leverage the vertical square footage with lots of wall art and shelving. “My mom is an artist so I have picked up art throughout the years from my travels and visiting local flea markets,” Fischel-Bock told Digital Trends. “I used Hutch to find the newer art, and mixed and matched styles and mediums to give the wall a collected feel.”

She also used Hutch to search for neutral linens and various accents, like wooden side tables and woven rugs. “I would say my design style is California contemporary collected. I gravitate towards neutrals for key pieces and like to bring in color with accents and art,” Fischel-Bock told us. “My goal was to create a space where I could relax and unwind.”

After just a week, the Hutch CEO had completed her project, transforming her house into a new home, and had also helped to create three new filters for the app: Petite Boudoir BedroomCollected Feminine Living Room, and Textured Tulum Dining Room.

While redesigning your home may seem like a daunting task, having the ability to do some trial and error with an app and some 3D technology might make things a bit easier. So put down those color swatches and pick up your phone — Hutch may just be the tool you need.

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