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The Wash Tower is a stand-alone bidet for the 21st-century bathroom

Kickstarter will begin offering this squeaky-clean bidet solution on February 6

We each have a derriere, and we all have to keep our respective ones clean, but doing so can sometimes be … tricky. And while one easy, time-honored solution to this problem is the ever-delightful bidet, these contraptions are often expensive and difficult to install, and unless you’re willing to put a bidet in every toilet in your home, you’re likely running to the same bathroom over and over again. And that, my friends, does not seem at all ideal. Here to help is the Wash Tower, a stand-alone bidet that will go wherever you want (or need) to go.

Requiring no installation (which means no plumbers and no plumbing bill), the Wash Tower is a portable, flexible bidet designed for the 21st-century butt. You can fill the Wash Tower with either warm or cold water, whichever you and your tushy prefer (though we don’t recommend ice water), and when you need to use it, simply direct the long hose and trigger nozzle to the necessary areas. And if you know you’re having guests over during a spicy dinner party, you can move the Wash Tower out of your master bathroom and into the common bathroom so that everyone can benefit from what it has to offer.

Using the bidet promises to be supremely simple. Just fill the reservoir in the Wash Tower with water by using the removable filling jug. Charge the pressure chamber by pumping the piston, and then spray. While that sounds simple enough, it’s apparently an idea that no one else has yet had, and as such, the Wash Tower team has applied for two separate utility patents for the pressure chamber, and is seeking yet another design patent.

Alas, as delightful as the Wash Tower sounds, you and your derriere will have to wait awhile longer to enjoy its benefits. After initially planning to launch on January 16, the Wash Tower team has decided to instead go live with its Kickstarter campaign on February 6. This, the team tells Digital Trends, may “give potential backers an extra paycheck or two after the holiday season.” In any case, once the Wash Tower launches, we’ll be privy to more images, videos, and insights from the team on how the design and usage process works. And of course, Kickstarter backers will have the opportunity to snag an early bird price for the Wash Tower.

Update: The Wash Tower will launch on Kickstarter on February 6

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