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Give your washroom an upgrade with the latest bathroom tech

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The bathroom might not be the first room that comes to mind when discussing technology. But if you think about it, a lot of daily routines happen in the bathroom, from brushing our teeth to putting on makeup to playing Nintendo. And those cold toilet seats and bland white shower walls? Those are so last century. Perhaps your bathroom could use some spritzing up after all. After all, the rest of the home is getting smarter, so it makes sense that your bathroom should get in on the action as well. We’ve rounded up some of the latest bathroom tech that will give your loo a modern upgrade.

Toastie Tush ($62)

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Chilly toilet seats are a pain in the butt, especially on cold winter days. Toastie Tush is a heating pad designed specifically for toilet seats, and it fixes the problem of cold bums. Simply attach it to the toilet seat cover, and when the lid is down, the pad will keep the seat toasty warm. When you lift the cover to use the toilet, you won’t be shivering from the chill. The device is made of waterproof vinyl, so you don’t have to worry if it gets a little wet. It also comes with its own GFCI plug and an eight-foot-long cord for convenient plugging-in. If you live in a region that stays cold for much of the year, invest in a device that will keep your family’s bottoms toasty all year long.

Toastie Tush ($62)

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror ($130)

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Does your makeup look perfect when you apply it at home, yet always seems to look totally different outdoors? That’s because indoor light doesn’t always do the best job of imitating natural light. This mirror is specifically designed to mimic the sun, and it produces light that is twice as bright as most lighted mirrors. It lights up when your face approaches, almost like it’s saying “good morning!” Your face will look just as perfect outdoors as it does indoors, and it doesn’t hurt that the mirror doubles as a selfie light. You also won’t have to change a bulb, as the LEDs in the mirror will perform like they’re brand-new for 40,000 hours.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror ($130)

 Bed Bath and Beyond

Perlick Refrigerator Drawers ($3,000+)

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You’ve probably heard that many skincare products, cosmetics, and medicines stay freshest when they’re kept at cool temperatures. If you’re someone who makes a daily morning dash from your bathroom to the kitchen fridge to retrieve your chilled products, you’ll want a Perlick beauty drawer in your life. These 15-inch refrigerator drawers keep your products cool while letting you stay within arm’s length of them, as they are the perfect size for most bathrooms. You can store anything from eye creams to face masks to even your morning orange juice. Who said it can’t double as a beverage drawer?


Amba Quadro Series Collection Towel Warmer ($1,296)

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The worst thing about taking a hot shower is the part when it’s over, and you have to re-emerge into the coldness of reality. Instead of dreading those post-shower chills, make it a little easier with a towel-warming rack. Simply place the towel on the stainless-steel rack to heat up while you shower. By the time you’re done, you’re met with a towel that’s as toasty as a campfire. The crossbars on this rack allow it to work quickly at a power of 150 watts, and there’s enough room on the rack for multiple towels to stay heated at once. Plus, the polished finish gives this rack a sleek look that will help it fit right in with the rest of your bathroom decor.


Kohler Effervescence Bath with Chromatherapy ($13,599)

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You’ve probably heard of aromatherapy before, but have you heard of chromatherapy in the bathtub? The idea is that seeing different colors can soothe and relax you. Kohler offers several bathtubs that are designed to emit soft lighting in different colors, which are customizable depending on your mood. Take your bath-time relaxation to the next level by turning your bland white bathtub into a rainbow of colors.


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