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Kill germs and the darkness with the updated IllumiBowl toilet light

After the lights go out and it’s time for bed, there is nothing worse than having to use the bathroom lights again. Rather than blindly looking for the toilet, IllumiBowl created the very first toilet bowl night light back in 2014. Now, three years later, the company has improved on its design to create the IllumiBowl Anti-Germ.

The biggest addition to the device is an anti-germ diode. By using light waves that are 470 nanometers, the IllumiBowl Anti-Germ targets the most common germs while remaining completely safe for humans. It’s a medical-grade technology typically found in hospitals.

Every two minutes, the diode lights up for 15 seconds to kill off any new bacteria. Once a day, the light shines for 8 straight minutes to kill off whatever remains. After six minutes of exposure, the energy causes significant damage to the photoreceptors in bacteria. It’s all done without any harmful UV-C rays.

Other aspects of the design have been updated and refined since IllumiBowl’s original launch. Instead of AAA batteries, the Anti-Germ model will feature AA batteries for three times the power. The added juice should also keep IllumiBowl lasting nearly twice as long. While the body of the device has increased slightly to accommodate the extra power, it still retains a sleek design that allows it to go largely unnoticed in the bathroom.

IllumiBowl fits any toilet thrown at it with three brightness levels and eight colors patterns to choose from. A motion and light sensor ensures batteries are only used when needed.

The IllumiBowl Anti-Germ is currently available for pre-order through Kickstarter. For every $10 pledge, supporters will be supplied with one device for use within their own home. Shipments are scheduled to start in July.

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