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Wyze Night Light senses you in the dark to brighten your path

Waking up in the middle of the night in a groggy state can be challenging, especially if you traverse dark corridors and hallways on your way to the bathroom or somewhere. That’s where the Wyze Night Light will come to the rescue by automatically illuminating your path with a simple, straightforward approach — with the ability to have upwards of 10 lights connected to this system.

The Wyze Night Light is the latest addition to the company’s growing lighting solutions lineup, joining recent entrants such as the Wyze Floor Lamp and Wyze Bulb Color. Following the same ultra-affordable approach as its siblings, the Wyze Night Light comes as a pack of three in the package and won’t break the bank.

Traditional night lights stay on all the time and have to occupy an outlet. The Wyze Night Light mixes it up because it features a rechargeable 300mAh lithium battery that’s rated for upwards of 128 days of solo use, or 85 days when it’s linked to other Wyze Night Lights. Even better, there’s no worry of having to manage the lights manually because a built-in light sensor ensures that it’ll only turn on when it’s dark — while a passive infrared sensor (PIR) will also help optimize its battery life by turning on the light when motion is detected.

Since it is battery-powered, you’ll be able to slap these night lights just about anywhere, which makes for the perfect amount of illumination at night to light up hallways. The included easy-pull tape and metal mounting plate make it a cinch to mount and recharge the lights. Interestingly enough, the lights communicate with one another using a 2.4GHz RF wireless connection. This should be a convenient way for a closed system such as this to operate on its own, but it leaves out the possibility of remote operation found with traditional smart lighting solutions.

Pre-orders for the Wyze Night Light are available now through Wyze’s website for the price of $20, which consists of three Wyze Night Light units and the accompanying mounting plates for them. It’s a practical lighting solution that works on its own and won’t take a bite out of your wallet.

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