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Garrett is the kind of guy who tells you about all the tech you haven't heard of yet. He also knows too much about other topics like games, anime, movies, and comics. If you have questions, he'll make up answers.

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Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on clothes before buying them

Finally out in the wild, Amazon Prime Wardrobe is the latest benefit for being a Prime member. To get started, users pick out at least three items from more than 1 million options. Users send back what they don't like.

Playstation VR could improve with new motion controller patents from Sony

There is one factor that holds PlayStation VR back from achieving more: The Move controllers. If two patents filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment are anything to go by, a new motion controller could be on its way.
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SimpliSafe reinvents its home security system to make it smarter, more effective

SimpliSafe is already a big name in the smart home security industry, but their design has become dated among modern devices. That's why the company teamed up with global design firm Ideo to completely redesign its security system.

Xbox Off — Microsoft ends production of Kinect adapter for Xbox One

Hoping to attach an old Kinect to the new Xbox One X? That might be easier said than done. Microsoft has stopped making the Kinect Adapter, the accessory that allows the sensor to connect to the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, or Windows PC.

Is this a tease for ‘The Last Guardian’ creator Fumito Ueda’s next game?

An image appeared on the website for genDESIGN, an independent team formed by Fumito Ueda, potentially teasing the fourth game from the creator of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian.

Heat up those winter camping trips with the Euro Blackcan heated sleeping pad

The Euro Blackcan houses a system of tubes that attach to an external heating element, providing a constant supply of hot water. The heating element works with any standard canister of butane or propane.